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The History Program, in the Department of History & Political Science,  is committed to the principle that the investigation of the broad and diverse panorama of the human experience over time fosters principles of freedom, reason, and tolerance in society. Faculty hold the highest degrees from some of the nation's most prestigious universities, and participate vigorously in professional activities in the discipline, from consulting, publishing, and public speaking, to attendance and organization of scholarly conferences. 

Rigorous study, judicious analysis, and extensive reading and writing prepare students for careers in the fields of information management, museum curation, archaeology, cultural resource management, international education, local and state government, economic development, and other professions in the field of public history. Moreover, the study of the heritage of the past in the broad liberal arts tradition prepares graduated for further study at the graduate level or professional training in the fields like education, public policy, or law.
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Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in History from West Virginia State University should be able to: 

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the natural and cultural environment in which humans have developed and lived over time and space.
  2. Demonstrate evidence of the historical and geographical processes by which societies, cultures, and institutions change over time and space.

  3. Demonstrate understanding of the racial and cultural diversity of the human experience as influenced by geography, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, and class.

  4. Demonstrate skills of historical research and critical analysis using a variety of sources.  

  5. Demonstrate effective research, writing, and oral communication skills in order to present an historical thesis in a logical and organized manner.

  6. Demonstrate understanding of the career search in appropriate educational and professional markets.

Program Goals:

  • Students will develop a general knowledge of human history
  • Students will read perceptively, think critically, and write clearly

  • Students will use the library and computer technology to locate and interpret primary and secondary sources

  • Students will be able to work independently and effectively to synthesize historical information


Bachelor of Arts in History
120 hours required for graduation  

General Education - 38-40 Hours


HIST 201*, HIST 202*, HIST 207*, HIST 208* - 12 hours  

Eight HIST courses 300/400 level (including HIST 260 and HIST 400) - 24 hours  


Six hours in the same Modern Foreign Language 15 cognate hours approved through the History Program.  

Math Requirement

MATH 111 or MATH 120  


Free electives to bring total to 120 hours  

Minor Requirements

HIST 201*, HIST 202*, HIST 207*, HIST 208* - 12 hours Two HIST courses 300/400 level - 6 hours  

*May count for General Education 

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