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Fall 2020 Early Enrollment Online
Open enrollment begins August 3rd. Click HERE for a list of classes. Contact:

Application Guide --Read before applying.--

Fall 2020 Application Guide

Our Team

James Taylor
Director of Academic Educational Outreach
(304) 766-3145

NACEP is a professional membership organization supporting programs that offer college courses to high school students. NACEP's national network of 450 colleges and universities, 70 high schools and school districts and 30 state agencies and system offices actively share the latest knowledge about best practices, research and advocacy.

“This is a tremendous honor for our program, and one that we hope will lead to even more high school students taking part in the Yellow Jacket Connection. To be the only program in the state accredited by the NACEP shows the importance we place in adhering to the highest standards for all of our students taking classes from West Virginia State University.”
-WVSU President Anthony L. Jenkins.


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