Faculty & Staff MENU

University Policies

Administrative Procedures

  1. Employee Tuition Waiver
  2. Tuition Waivers for Dependent Children of WVSU Employees
  3. COVID-19 Personnel Policy
  4. Purchasing Card (P-Card) Guidelines 

Board of Governors Policies

  1. Procedures for Generating Policies, Guidelines, and Rules
  2. Salary Policy
  3. Academic Standards for Students to Participate in Intercollegiate Athletics
  4. Reductions in Force and Layoffs
  5. Travel Regulations
  6. Credit Card Solicitation
  7. Holidays
  8. Smoking
  9. Role of Adjunct Faculty
  10. No Current Policy
  11. Balance of Part-Time/Full-time Classified Employees
  12. No Current Policy
  13. Naming or Renaming of Buildings and Organizational Units
  14. Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Grievance Procedures, Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Relationships    APPENDIX A. APPENDIX B
  15. Use of Institutional Facilities
  16. No Current Policy
  17. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  18. Employee Leave
  19. Personnel Administration
  20. Assessment, Payment and Refund of Fees
  21. Social Justice
  22. Ethics
  23. Student Rights and Responsibilities
  24. Grade-Point Averages for Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees
  25. Awarding of Undergraduate Fee Waivers
  26. Fee Waivers for Graduate Students and Graduate Assistants
  27. Change in the Organization of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Department or other Administrative Units
  28. Student Academic Rights
  29. Faculty Development
  30. Alien Employment Control
  31. Sabbatical Leave
  32. No Current Policy
  33. No Current Policy
  34. Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions
  35. Performance Review for Non-Classified Employees -- REPEALED 
  36. Alcoholic Beverages
  37. Fiscal Responsibility and Oversight of Intercollegiate Athletics
  38. Parking of Vehicles on Campus
  39. Administrators Required to Do Teaching or Research
  40. Tuition and Fee Waivers for Those 65 or Older
  41. Making Agendas Available to the Public
  42. Disposition of Obsolete and Unusable Equipment and Supplies
  43. Separation of Academic and Faculty Personnel Policies
  44. Faculty and Administrative Productivity
  45. Work-Scheduling Innovations
  46. Merit Increases for Classified Staff
  47. Staff Development
  48. Credit for Service Learning in Public Agencies
  49. Employees' Catastrophic Leave
  50. No Current Policy
  51. No Current Policy
  52. Information Technology (IT) Security Policy
  53. Responsible Use of University Computing Resources
  54. Delayed Payroll Assignment
  55. No Current Policy
  56. Background Checks for Employment
  57. Deadly Weapons and Destructive Devices
  58. Bookstore
  59. Intellectual Property Rights Management
  60. Fixed Asset Inventory Policy
  61. Employment and Evaluation of the President
  62. Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
  63. Record Retention Policy
  64. Designation/Status of Employees
  65. Debt Policy (Emergency Policy)
  66. Access for Individual with Disabilities  
  67. Animals on University Property
  68. Policy on Nepotism and Fraternization
  69. Excused Absence Policy and Procedure


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