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Application, Requirements & Policies for Graduation 

Graduation marks an important milestone for recognizing your academic achievement.
Graduates are encouraged to take part of commencement and to share their accomplishment with family and friends.
Congratulations on all your hard work!


To make the process go smoothly, review the information below. Be sure to follow all instructions.




Graduation Policies and Requirements are outlined in the Academic Catalog


All students must apply to graduate, regardless of commencement participation.

For all student applicants, the Office of the Registrar will collaborate with Deans and Departments to evaluate and certify all requirements have been met





  • Students are responsible for knowing and fulfilling requirements for graduation, and should carefully read the catalog and curriculum requirements.
    • The University cannot assume responsibility for failure of students to fulfill catalog and curriculum requirements.
  • If questions arise about requirements, students should consult with the appropriate Department Chair, College Dean or the Registrar several semesters prior to graduation.
    • ~With reasonable notice, the University may modify degree requirements.
  • Students who wish to graduate from West Virginia State University must apply for graduation by completing an application within the prescribed period outlined in the Academic Calendar
  • Starting in Spring 2023, all students moving forward are required to apply one semester PRIOR to the degree completion semester
  • Bachelor and Master Degree candiates participation in commencement does not indicate degree completion.
  • Students who fail to complete their academic responsibilities during the final semester must complete all degree requirements before the University confers a degree.
  • These students will need to re-apply for the following term in which the requirements will be met. See Policy below

  • Effective Spring 23 All students must apply one (1) semester or term PRIOR to the term in which they expect to complete requirements. 
    • Ex. Those expecting to complete requirements in Summer (or Fall) must apply in within the open application period during the Spring semester
    • All Deadlines and Academic Calenders have been published with the appriorate dates.
  • Applications do not roll, if a student does not complete requirements, the student must re-apply in the term in which they expect to complete.



Students who have satisfied all requirements will receive diplomas via mail to the address given on the application. Only after all degree requirements and all financial obligations to the university are met, will the diploma be ordered. 

  • Diplomas are custom ordered and can take between 5-8 weeks to process and ship


Diploma Name

 You will be asked to provide your "Full Name" on the application.
Be sure to print your legal name exactly as you wish it to appear on your diploma.

  • Make sure that your name is spelled correctly, including any punctuations.
    • Use appropriate capitalization, all caps is not permitted
  • "Nickname" of any type is not permitted unless it is included on offical legal documents. Only legal names that match current school records will be approved.
    • If you need a name change in the school records you can do so by completing a request online for address & name changes, under STUDENT FORMS and submit official document proof to the Office of the Registrar. (128 Ferrell Hall /



Any student who believes they may have met all requirements for a WVSU credential (Degree, Certificate or Licensure) is highly encouraged to click below & apply now.

  • Please note the important changes and importance of accurate application input as well as current and accurate school records to match as noted on the previous page.
    • Hit back button if neccessary and read the Application Updates. 
      • Click the gold text below to access the application


  • You will be charged an application fee to graduate, please see the "Fees" box on the previous page for more information. 

Application Troubleshooting 
If you received a message needing permission, please ensure you are logged into your WVSU email account at the top right of your internet browser.
Only WVSU email addresses are permitted to apply. 

Graduating with Latin Honors:

Students who complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and earn at least a 3.25  cumulative GPA are eligible for graduation with honors as follows:

Honors Distinction               Cumulative GPA Range
Cum Laude                                      3.25-3.49
Magna Cum Laude                         3.50-3.74
Summa Cum Laude                        3.75-4.00

* With Distinction,                       
  • Students completing a second bachelor degree with a minimum of 30 resident hours of credit beyond the initial baccalaureate degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or greater.

If you have questions concerning Latin Honors and your GPA, you can contact the Office of the Registrar at (304)-766-4146 or by email

Latin Honors should not be confused with the Honors Program.

If you are seeking information concerning the Honors Program, please contact 

Dr. Tim Ruhnke
Director, WVSU Honors Program
135 Hamblin Hall (304)766-3210
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