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Your consistent resource for new/updated forms & resources in a centralized location for quick & easy access.

Please join the Office of the Registrar in our mission to reduce paper records that are more subjected to loss and damage, not to mention the carbon footprint and cost of unnecessary paper. 

  • This mission not only saves us money and space, it saves time allowing for quicker responses and faster turnaround times for some processes. 




Starting Fall 2022 all previous forms are now out of date, and should be thrown out -no longer accepted. 
Moving forward the Office of the Registrar will only accept new & updated forms (completed & signed) found below.
We hope to continue improving this process for simplicity and efficiency for all. 

All forms that require the student's signature/authorization can be found here: STUDENT FORMS

Faculty fORMS 

Forms that require additional (multisig) signature/authorizations, i.e. faculty forms...

These electronic PDF forms must be to downloaded, completed and saved with digital e-signatures. 

  • See box to the right "RESOURCES" for assistance with procedure steps, e-signatures, and signing with the click of a button. 

Audit & Pass/Fail Request 

  • Noted changes: design update

Catalog Curriculum Change

  •  Noted changes: design update

Credit Equivalence Application 

  • This application is for the purpose evaluating and awarding course credit equivalences for life experience and certifications earned outside accredited institutions where transcript credit is already applied.

Grade Form

  • Noted change: combines all grade related forms to include; Change of Grade, Special Grade, and Request of Incomplete 


  • Noted change: requires additional student data details

Permission to Enroll 

  • Noted changes: combines all permission related to course registration to include; Closed, Prerequisite, Special Permission (instructor), & Special Arrangement courses  

Substitution/Waiver/Equiv Form 

  • Noted change: includes notes for course equivalences 

Transient Request 


Question mark in a circle.Resources


Registrar ReportS

Annual Report 

2022-2023 Annual Registrar's Report


Inaugural Edition - September 2022


Electronic PDF Form Instructions 

At this time, please follow these steps to complete the Electronic forms 

  1. Download & Open the form 
    • You must open the file from your File Explorer/Manager to edit, sign and save properly.
      • You may also open directly in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Complete and Sign the form. 
  3. Save the file.
  4. Send an email with the signed and saved file as an attachment to the remaining parties who need to review/approve/sign. 
  5. Each person that signs must also download the form as instructed in Step 1.
  6. Once ALL signatures are complete on the form, the last authorized signatory should submit via email to 

If you need further assistance with electronic signatures, please click the link below for further instructions. 

PDF E-Signature Set up & Sign Instructions 


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