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Student Complaint Process

When a student encounters a problem on campus that he/she does not know how to resolve, he/she should always try to work the problem out by first discussing it with those involved. Dealing with concerns in the most direct and honest fashion should always be the first step toward resolution. Many problems are resolved when a student makes an appointment with a faculty or staff member and calmly and honestly communicates their concerns.

If however, an issue or problem still exists, a student may initiate the formal complaint procedures at WVSU. All formal complaints must be submitted using the digital form on this webpage.

The complaint process is based upon the following definitions:

• Formal Complaint: A concern or formal charge of dissatisfaction with a person, service, or process that requires clarification, investigation, and/or resolution. 
  • Level I Complaint: A verbal complaint that is resolved. Level I complaints will not be tracked. 
  • Level II Complaint: A written complaint, based upon the formal complaint definition that requires a student’s signature. Level II complaints will be tracked by the appropriate Vice President to ensure an action has been taken.
• Exclusions: The Student Complaint Procedures do not apply to grade appeals, complaints of sexual harassment, or student to student complaints. Please refer to the Student Handbook for procedures regarding these complaints. In addition, outcomes of grade and/or disciplinary appeal processes are not subject to further consideration through this process.

• Instructions for Filing a Written Complaint: Complete the digital Student Complaint Form. The Office of Student Advocacy will review the complaint. The complaint may then be shared with the appropriate Vice President.

Steps to Filing a Written Complaint

1. Attempt to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the individual(s) or office(s) involved. If no resolution is reached, begin the formal complaint process by completing and submitting the WVSU Complaint Form to the Office of Student Advocacy. The Complaint Form can be obtained:
  • Online
2. The complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for resolution.

3. The final resolution or an update on the status of your complaint will be communicated to you by the appropriate Vice President within ten business days using WVSU email.

4. A record of your complaint resolution(s) will be maintained in the office at which the complaint was resolved. For information regarding issues or concerns that are not covered by this process (such as issues of sexual harassment, grade appeals, student to student complaints, conduct matters, etc.) please refer to the WVSU Student Handbook, and/or contact the Offices of Student Affairs  or Academic Affairs.

Further Steps for Fully Online Students

If a formal complaint is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, online students residing in State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) states (currently all states but California) may appeal a decision on a complaint to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC), which operates as our SARA Portal Entity. To file an appeal, follow the WVHEPC complaint process at WVHEPC Student Complaint Process. WVHEPC's decision on the appeal will be final.
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