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Regalia Rules & Policies


**All Regalia must by issued or approved by the University for Ceremony exercises

  • Regalia is required to participate in the ceremony.

  • You must order your Regalia via the link according to your correct height and weight.

  • *There is a limit of one package per graduate applicant.

  • You may follow the Degree Color Chart, Regalia Item List, here 

  • Latin honor cords are provided by the Office of the Registrar the week of finals for those who qualify.

  • All other cords and stoles will need to come from the prospective organizations approved by the University if applicable. 

    • Please contact your prospective University organization if you believe you are eligible for such items.



*If your decorations break guidelines, you will not be permitted to participate,
(see below)

  • Cap Decorations are permitted under the following guidelines. 

    • Caps must not be offensive, and must be appropriate for all audiences

      • If you are unsure, please err on the side of caution. 

    • Caps must not have flashing or moving parts, lights, or other items that are distracting or that may cause harm to others. 

    • Caps must not be an obstruction to others line of sight, 

      • Please be mindful and respectful of others also trying to celebrate and enjoy their accomplishments as well. 

  • Students are not permitted to decorate gowns.

**West Virginia State University reserves the right to disallow
the use of inappropriately decorated regalia. 
  • Students whose original regalia is deemed inappropriate and who are unable to locate a suitable replacement will not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony.

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