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Regalia Rules & Decorations

All Regalia must by issued or approved by the University for Ceremony exercises
All Regalia options and decorations must be appropriate. Any offensive, flashing or moving displays of any kind will be removed. See below for more information.
*Please note without proper regalia replacement, you cannot participate.  

  • Regalia is required to participate in the ceremony.
  • You must order your Regalia via the link according to your correct height and weight.
  • *There is a limit of one package per degree applicant.*
  • You may follow the Degree Color Chart, Regalia Item List, here 
  • Latin honor cords are provided by the Office of the Registrar the week of finals for those who qualify.
  • All other cords and stoles will need to be preapproved or come from the prospective organizations approved by the University if applicable. 
    • Please contact your prospective University organization if you believe you are eligible for such items.

West Virginia State University has made an additional allowance of non-organization stoles and cords. 
We worked closely with our Jostens partners to preapprove both premade and customized design options for students wishing to express their accomplishments.
  • For preapproved stoles, visit the WVSU Bookstore in the Wilson student Union or click the Jostens link on the Regalia Information page.
We offer 3 pre-made stoles in the Union Bookstore: WVSU Academic with Seal, WVSU Yellow Jacket, and Kente Stoles
  • Custom stole builder options on the Jostens site have been pre-approved,
  • Other sites for custom stoles are not considered preapproved and are subject to denial of use during ceremony procession. 

*Additional Regalia beyond the (1) limit, or Regalia ordered by non-degree applicants will be charged the full price to the student account unless returned to the Office of the Registrar.*

*If your decorations break guidelines, you will not be permitted to participate,
(see below)
  • Cap Decorations are permitted under the following guidelines. 
    • Caps must not be offensive, and must be appropriate for all audiences
      • If you are unsure, please err on the side of caution. 
    • Caps must not have flashing or moving parts, lights, or other items that are distracting or that may cause harm to others. 
    • Caps must not be an obstruction to others line of sight, 
      • Please be mindful and respectful of others also trying to celebrate and enjoy their accomplishments as well. 
  • Students are not permitted to decorate gowns.
**West Virginia State University reserves the right to disallow
the use of inappropriately decorated regalia.
  • Students whose original regalia is deemed inappropriate and who are unable to locate a suitable replacement will not be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony. 
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