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Traffic and Parking

The following regulations govern the registration, operation, possession and use of vehicles by West Virginia State University staff, faculty, students, contracted services employees, and visitors. They are based upon the authority vested in the administration by the Board of Governors and the West Virginia Code, Chapter 18, Article 26, Section 26 as amended and revised (1985). These regulations were reviewed by representatives of the staff, faculty, and student body and approved by the President of West Virginia State University.

Any person that owns, operates, or possesses a vehicle on the campus of WVSU is responsible for knowing these regulations. Ignorance thereof does not constitute a valid defense for failure to observe any of the regulations, nor does it absolve violators from any penalty described herein.

WVSU BOG Policy 38:

Welcome to the WVSU Parking Appeals Committee Web Site.
The WVSU Parking Appeals Committee and its Functions
The West Virginia State University Parking Appeals Committee is an impartial body of university students and employees which consists of two faculty members plus one alternate, two staff members plus one alternate, and two students plus one alternate. The WVSU Parking Appeals Committee are ALL elected by its peers or executive committees and serve one year terms

Those who have been issued permits have agreed, by signing their permit applications, to abide by all University parking and traffic regulations. The committee will make recommendations to the WVSU Director of Public Safety about parking violations that are appealed. The recommendations are accepted, denied, or remanded for further information by the WVSU Director of Public Safety in compliance with WVSU Board of Governors Policy 38. The Director of Public Safety will receive recommendations from the Chair of this committee on a monthly basis.    In months where there are no meetings, or where there are not appeals, the WVSU Director of Public Safety will be notified that this is the case.
The WVSU Parking Appeals Committee meets monthly (Second Thursday of the month @ Jones Hall Conference Room from 12:30 p.m. to 1:25 p.m.) to address parking appeals made by students, staff and faculty.  The Parking Appeals Committee is responsible for submitting recommendations to the Director of Public Safety to suggest decisions on parking violation appeals. You must be invited by the committee to attend the parking appeal’s committee monthly meeting.  There will be absolutely no walk-ins for adjudication.
The WVSU Parking Appeals Committee welcomes comments and suggestions to improve university parking and those may also be passed along to the WVSU Public Safety Director if the committee sees benefit. Each committee member has an obligation and a responsibility to provide fair and equitable decisions to all university parking concerns. The Director of Public Safety will also receive recommendations if membership vote results in a tie. Though the Director of Public Safety will often accept the committee’s recommendation, there may be times when the committee members will not be aware of legal requirements that will necessitate a non-acceptance. The WVSU Director of Public Safety will uphold the regulations of the State of West Virginia and West Virginia State University.
If the decision of the appeal is negative, then the parties will have thirty days to pay the ticket, or the ticket will go to collections. 
Parking appeals committee meetings will not occur in the months of June, July and August.
Administrative Hearings Officer
Appeals will be first reviewed by the Chair of the Parking Appeals Committee.  Only submissions on the WVSU Public Safety Parking Appeals website will be considered by the committee.  No other communications about a ticket dispute will be accepted by the chair.
Parking Ticket Appeals
Individuals, who disagree with a parking citation that was issued to them by West Virginia State University, are afforded the right to appeal the violations to the University Parking Appeals Committee. Tickets must be reviewed by the Committee within 30 (thirty) days from the date the ticket was issued. The committee will screen the tickets.
Department of Public Safety
West Virginia State University
305 Barron Drive
Institute, WV 25112-1000
Phone: (304) 766-3353
Fax: (304) 766-5193

If you need immediate assistance, call (304) 766-3181 or dial 911 in case of emergency. 

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