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The West Virginia State University Payroll Department is a dedicated team of professionals committed to paying university employees on time and accurately while in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Kronos is the Time Reporting System used for submitting all staff, including temporary employee, work-study, and student employee hours, and also for faculty who accrue leave to the WVSU Payroll Department. Kronos is an industry leader and well–recognized in the field of workforce management systems.

WVSU complies as an employer with the State of West Virginia rules in keeping accurate time records reflecting when employees begin and end each work period, including in and out time recorded for meal breaks. The Kronos Web timecard system is an efficient tool for time keeping compliance, as it will automatically record holidays, calculate total hours and overtime, in addition to displaying accrued sick and vacation balances.

This page provides you with useful information to facilitate your understanding of the Kronos system. In order to use the Kronos leave management system and time keeping system, employees and supervisors must have myApps accounts.  The link to create a myApps account can be found here.

kronos deadlines

Please note that deadlines may occur earlier around University holidays.
  • Employee time entry deadline: 5:00 p.m., last Friday of the pay period
  • Supervisor/Timekeeper approval deadline: Noon, the Monday after the end of the pay period
  • Verify time on timecard is correct 
  • Enter leave requests as needed (allowing ample time for timekeeper and/or supervisor review)
  • Approve timecard by Close of Business on final day of pay period (payday Friday)
    • If employee is absent and unable to approve the timecard, they must notify the timekeeper and delegate the timecard approval 
  • Timecard must reflect all time worked and all leave taken
  • Review designated employee timecards for accuracy 
    • Check for missing punches and inaccurate entries
  • Review and approve employee leave requests in a timely manner
    • Unapproved leave requests will cause errors in leave balances and potentially inaccurate pay
  • ALL employee timecards MUST be approved no later than NOON on the Monday following the end of the pay period
    • If the timekeeper/supervisor is absent for timecard approval, they must delegate the task in writing to the Payroll Office

reference materials

Logging Into Kronos
Navigating Kronos
Entering Your Time
Submitting Time-Off Requests
Viewing Leave Balances

Supervisor & Timekeeper Training

Payroll Office

Phone:                         304-766-3184
Fax:                               304-766-4261
Campus Address:     110 Cole Complex
Hours:                          Monday - Friday
                                       8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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