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University Relations & Operations

University Relations and Operations serves as the central communications office of West Virginia State University. It also houses the offices of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness, and Printing Services.
In our role as University communicators, we work to develop relationships with people both internal and external to WVSU through timely and accurate communications. The organization is the principal source for data collection, analysis and reporting.
Primarily, we
  • collaborate with campus leaders to determine the broad messages to be conveyed to internal and external audiences in person, via this website and social media, in the mass media, and through our publications;
  • build University pride through marketing, public relations, communications, design, and printing initiatives;
  • provide design, photography and printing services in support of programs to connect students, prospective students and families, alumni, donors, and friends to WVSU;
  • collect and analyze data;
  • support assessment and accreditation programs and initiatives;
  • prepare comprehensive University reports for oversight agencies and internal clients.

The University Relations and Operations team is committed to student-centered service, excellence and accountability.


Our Team

Jack Bailey
Assistant Vice President for University Relations and Operations
(304) 766-4109
Todd  Griffith
Director for Photographic Services
(304) 766-3211
Matthew  Browning
Director for Communications
(304) 204-4002
Jim  Hale
Director for Printing Services
(304) 766-5741
Amanda Fellure
Executive Assistant to Vice President for University Relations & Operations
(304) 204-4051
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