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Workers' Compensation is a program administered in West Virginia by Encova Mutual Insurance Group. Workers’ compensation provides medical treatment and rehabilitative services for individuals who sustain workplace injuries or illnesses.  

West Virginia State University is committed to providing a safe work environment for faculty and staff. The philosophy of the Workers’ Compensation Program is to treat injured employees with dignity and respect while managing the workers’ compensation claims. We make unbiased, lawful decisions based on the facts of each case. We observe West Virginia State Code Section 23-4-1 and our own internal policies to ensure that all parties are treated fairly.

This website is one resource to help ensure a safe environment and facilitate a smooth return to work when injuries occur.

Reporting A Workplace Injury
In the event of an accident or injury on campus, the employee must report the accident to his/her supervisor immediately and then file a Worker’s Compensation Accident Report with the Department of Public Safety within 24 hours, regardless of whether the injury or accident involves lost work time. Failure to report an accident timely may result in loss of benefits. In the case of a medical emergency, call 911 before contacting the Department of Public Safety or your supervisor.

Setting Up The Benefit Payment Option
On-the-job injuries or occupational illnesses that involve no more than three days of disability leave or absence from work will not be charged against the employee’s accumulated sick leave. If on-the-job injuries or illnesses require a medical leave beyond the three-day period, the employee must choose either of the following options:

(1) Receive earned and accumulated sick and annual leave benefits until they are exhausted and forfeit any benefits determined to be due under the West Virginia Workers’ Compensation Laws; or

(2) Request leave of absence without pay, reserving for future use any earned and accumulated sick and annual leave, and receive only Workers’ Compensation benefits for which he or she is determined eligible.

It is never appropriate for an employee to receive both University pay and Workers’ Compensation pay for the same work day. It is very important that supervisors ensure that all accidents are appropriately and promptly reported,including completion of the official Accident/Incident Report Form.

Supervisors must call the Department of Human Resources as soon as they learn of an accident requiring medical treatment – without waiting for the Accident/Incident Report Form to be completed. This will ensure that Human Resources can notify Encova in a timely way.

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