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Welcome to the Metro Area Agency on Aging website. Our Agency was designated by the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services to provide necessary support and training to the county aging program service providers in the Southwestern region of West Virginia. This region of the State is known as "Region II", and is made up of the following eleven counties:

Boone | Cabell | Jackson | Kanawha | Lincoln | Logan | Mason | Mingo | Putnam | Roane | Wayne

Metro Area Agency on Aging is sponsored by West Virginia State University at Institute, WV. It operates under the guidance of the Metro AAA Board of Directors that includes representatives from each of the eleven counties. Our Area Plan includes the action steps of Metro AAA.We invite you to log on to our counties in Region II and find the services available for senior citizens in each county. You will also be able to find who represents your county to our Board, Advisory Council, Silver Haired Legislators, and Health Benefits Counselors. In addition, we have tried to provide you with links to other services that affect and aid senior citizens.


ADRC Overview

The West Virginia Aging and Disability Resource Network will serve as a highly visible, trusted and valued place where people of all incomes can turn for information on the full range of long-term support options based upon individual choice and will serve as a point of entry to access support programs and benefits.The ADRN will:

  • Empower individuals and families to make informed decisions
  • Streamline access to a wide array of services offered through public and private resources
  • Serve individuals, professionals and the community as a visible, highly valued, trusted resource for information and counseling concerning your options.

Bringing Purpose & Meaning to Life

The West Virginia Aging and Disability Resource Network can assist with the availability of the following services that will bring purpose and meaning into each day of life.

  • Behavioral Support
  • Community Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Employment Assistance
  • Family Activities
  • Family Caregiver Support
  • Future Planning
  • Housing
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Nutrition
  • Respite Care
  • Support Groups
  • Transitional Planning
  • Transportation
  • Vocational Training
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Options Allowing You to Remain at Home

The West Virginia Aging and Disability Resource Network will assist in discovering the availability of the following services that will allow individuals to remain at home.

  • Community Support Services
  • Day Activity Health Services
  • Employment
  • Future Planning
  • Home Health Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Minor Home Modifications
  • Personal Care
  • Private Day Services
  • Relocation and Transitional Services
  • Respite Care
  • Service Coordination
  • Specialized Therapies
  • Transition & Diversion Services
  • Transportation

Take Ownership of Your Future

The West Virginia Aging and Disability Resource Network can recommend services that will allow individuals to take ownership of their future:

  • Advance Directives
  • Community Resources
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Employment & Volunteer Opportunities
  • Financial Planning
  • Future Planning
  • Guardianship
  • Living Will
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Residential Living Facilities
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)


For more information, you can contact the West Virginia Aging and Disability Resource Network by calling our toll-free number at 1-866-981-2372 or by visiting www.wvnavigate.org.

Region I - Fairmont
2805 White Hall Blvd., White Hall, WV 26554
1(877) 363-1595

Region II - Dunbar - State Office
1400 Ohio Avenue, Suite B, Dunbar, WV 25064
1(866) 981-2372 or (304) 720-6861

Region III - Petersburg
131 Providence Lane, Petersburg, WV 26847
1(800) 296-5341 pr (304) 257-2847

Region IV - Princeton
1460 Main Street, Box 8, Princeton, WV 24740
1(866) 598-2372 or (304) 425-2040



The West Virginia Bureau of Services designated Metro Area Agency on Aging (Metro AAA) to provide necessary supports to county aging program service providers in the Southwestern region of West Virginia. This region is known as Region II. With the sponsorship of West Virginia State University, Metro AAA provides several support and services such as:
  • Advocating on behalf of persons 60 years of age and older.
  • Identifying the needs of the elderly and creating plans for meeting their needs through a system of in-home and community services.
  • Administering federal, state, local, and private funds to support the services.

Senior centers throughout the eleven county areas offer a variety of services including: congregate and home delivered meals, senior cneter programs, Adult day care, employment services, volunteer opportunities, Medicare counseling, transportation services, and additional services to the homebound elderly to help them stay in their own homes.

The eleven counties that make up Region II are Boone, Cabell, Jackson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Mason, Mingo, Putnam, Roane, and Wayne.

Please contact Metro Area Agency on Aging to verigy which services are available in your area.

METRO AAA                                                                                  

Brenda K. Landers
Executive Director
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5125
Fax (304) 766-4143
E-Mail: landerbr@wvstateu.edu 

Brittney D. Ramsey (Tatterson)
Fiscal Officer
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5126
Fax (304) 766-4144
E-Mail: btatterson@wvstateu.edu 

Kellie C. Brown
Program Specialist
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5128
Fax (304) 766-4128


Sally Blackburn
State Coordinator
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5131
E-Mail: sblackburn@wvstateu.edu 


Mary Beth Spaulding
Resource Counselor
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5139
Fax (304) 766-4169
E-Mail: mspaulding@wvstateu.edu

Kimberly Taylor-Newsome
Resource Counselor
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5130
Fax (304) 766-4171
Email: kimberly.taylor-newsome@wvstateu.edu 

Courtney Switzer
Resource Counselor
1400 Ohio Avenue
Suite B
Dunbar, WV 25064
Phone (304) 766-5137
Email: courtney.switzer@wvstateu.edu

Region II Board of Directors

Chair:          Kristi Williams, 
                     Interim Vice President
                     WVSU Business and Finance

Vice Chair:  No Representation

Secretary:   No Representation

Treasurer:   No Representation

Director:      Brenda Landers
                     WVSU Metro AAA

County Representatives 




Boone: Kenneth Jarrell


Cabell:  Dexter Childers


Jackson: Linda Waybright


Kanawha: Ted Muilenburg


Lincoln: William "Benny" McCloud 


Logan: No Representation


Mason: No Representation


Mingo:  No Representation


Putnam: No Representation


Roane:  No Representation


Wayne: Herb Muncy



Boone County
Boone County Community Organization
P.O. Box 247
347 Kenmore Drive, Suite 1-A
Madison, WV 25130
Phone: (304) 369-0451 or (304) 369-2750
Fax: (304) 369-1383

Gary Williams, Director
SHIP Counselor
Ruth Scott
Phone: (304) 369-0451
Email: bcco.jeaster@suddenlinkmail.com
Cabell County
Cabell County Community Services Organization, Inc.
Robert Roswall, Director
724 10th Avenue
Huntington, WV 25701
Phone: (304) 529-4952
Fax: (304) 525-2061
Email: cccsoinc@ccso.com
Internet: www.CCCSO.com
SHIP Counselor
Edna Mae Booten
Phone: (304) 390-0020
Jackson County
Jackson County Commission on Aging, Inc.
Geraldine Dunbar, Director
P.O. Box 617
Ripley, WV 25271
Phone: (304) 372-2406
Fax: (304) 372-9243
Email: gerrydunbar75@hotmail.com
Internet: www.GeoCities.com/Athens/Forum/4374
SHIP Counselors
Lauana Collette
Debbie Parsons
Phone: (304) 372-2406
Kanawha County
Kanawha Valley Senior Services, Inc.
Scott McClanahan, Director
2428 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25311
Phone: (304) 348-0707
Fax: (304) 348-6432
Email: smcclanahan@kvss.org
Internet: www.kvss.org
SHIP Counselors
Ruth Simmons
Judy Carroll
Tina Tallerico
Janice Gaines
Delores Heath
Connie Dudley
Frances Roop
Gail Holley
Phone: (304) 348-0707
Lincoln County
Lincoln County Opportunity Co., Inc.
Alice Tomblin, Director
360 Main Street
Hamlin, WV 25523
Phone: (304) 824-3448
Fax: (304) 824-7662
Internet: www.Lincolncountyopportunity.com
Email: lloc@zoominternet.net
SHIP Counselor
Oleta Scites
Logan County
P.R.D.E. In Logan County, Inc.
Reggie Jones, Director
P.O. Box 1346
Logan, WV 25601
Phone: (304) 752-6868
FAx: (304) 752-1047
Email: reggie@prideinlogan.com
SHIP Counselors
Vicky Browning
Mellisa Statler
Mason County
Mason County Action Group, Inc.
Angela Purchase, Director
101 Second Street
Point Pleasant, WV 25550
Phone: (304) 675-2369
Fax: (304) 675-2069
Email: masonseniorsw@aol.com
Internet: www.masonseniors.com
SHIP Counselor
Judy Jones
Phone: (304) 675-2369
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Mingo County
Coalfield Community Action Partnership
Tim Salmons, Director
P.O. Box 1406
Williamson, WV 25661
Phone: (304) 235-1701
Fax: (304) 235-1706
Email: tsalmons@coalfieldcap.org
SHIP Counselor
Dalena Jewell
Phone: (304) 235-1701
Putnam County
Putnam Aging Program, Inc.
Clinton "Bud" Beaver, Director
694 Winfield Road
St. Albans, WV 25177-1554
Phone: (304) 755-2385
Email: budbeaver@verizon.net
SHIP Counselor
Debby Easter
Roane County
Roane County Committee on Aging, Inc.
Chuck Ricks, Director
811 Madison Avenue
Spencer, WV 25276
Phone: (304) 972-1997
Fax: (304) 972-2273
Email: Cricks@rccoawv.org
SHIP Counselor
Shirley Conley
Phone: (304) 927-1997
Wayne County
Wayne County Community Service Organization, Inc.
Rose, Meredith, Director
3609 Hughes Street
Huntington, WV  25704
Phone:  (304) 429-0070
Fax:  (304) 429-0026, Rose Meredith, Executive Director
Fax:  (304) 429-0027, Receptionist
Fax:  (304) 429-0028, Personal Care
Email:  rmeredith@wccso.org
Wayne Senior Center
440 Cleveland Street
P. O. Box 276
Wayne, WV  25570
Phone: (304) 272-6060
Fax: (304) 272-6068
SHIP Counselor
Geri Church
The West Virginia Silver Haired Legislature is a model legislature, composed of 134 representatives, all 60 years of age or older, who are elected from throughout the state by their peers. The Silver Haired Legislature (SHL) is patterned after the West Virginia Legislature and follows, to the extent possible, the rules that govern its proceedings.
The purpose of the Silver Haired Legislature is: a) To provide an opportunity for older West Virginians to reinforce their knowledge of the legislative process; and b) To identify common problems, not only of senior citizens, but all West Virginians, and to propose realistic, feasible solutions to those problems in the form position papers and resolutions.
The West Virginia Silver Haired Legislature is supported by involvement of the clerks' office of the West Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates by authorizations of a concurrent resolution of the West Virginia Legislature, thus ensuring that the session is conducted as closely as possible to that of the regular Legislature.
Beginning with the 2000-2001 Silver Haired Legislature session, the focus of the SHL was broadened by incorporating the interim process practiced by the West Virginia Legislature. The first year of the two-year Silver Haired Legislature is known as the Interim Session. During the Interim Session there is a concentration on training in the legislative process, parliamentary procedure, information gathering, expert testimony, development of position, paper topics, and officer election and training. The second year of the two-year session is known as the Regular Session. During the Regular Session the position papers and resolutions that have been developed over the intervening year at the Regional caucuses will be introduced, studied, debated, and acted upon.
The Silver Haired Legislature is organized and coordinated by the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services. Regional coordination is provided by the states four area agencies on aging. Each area agency designates a regional coordinator who is the key person for all Silver Haired activities in the region. The rules of the Silver Haired Legislature are developed by the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services and adopted by the Joint Rules Committee, composed of the officers and committee chairpersons elected by the membership of the Silver Haired Legislature.
What is SHIP?
West Virginia SHIP is part of a national network of state health insurance assistance programs.  It is also part of the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services and receives financial assistance from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

What is the purpose of SHIP?
The purpose of SHIP is to service Medicare beneficiaries, who prefer or need information, counseling, and enrollment assistance beyond what beneficiaries are able to receive on their own through the other CMS information channels, including 1-800-MEDICARE and www.medicare.gov.

How can SHIP help you?
When you contact the SHIP office, we will link you with a local SHIP counselor, who can meet with you and help you with:
  • Medicaid Eligibility, Benefits and Claim filing 
  • Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage) 
  • Long Term Care Insurance information 
  • Medicare Secondary Payer 
  • Other types of Health Insurance Benefits 
  • Medigap Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage Plan options and Enrollment 
  • Medicare Cost Sharing Programs and other Dual Eligible Enrollment 
  • Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Waste and Abuse
Would you like help paying for your prescription drugs or your Medicare premiums?
If your monthly income is below $1,518 for an individual or $2,058 for a married couple, and your assets are less than $14,100 for an individual or $28,150 for a married couple, you may qualify for extra assistance.
WV SHIP is an unbiased source of information for you; we do not sell insurance.

To locate a SHIP counselor in your area, go to  www.wvship.org or call our toll-free number at  1-866-981-2372.
Regional SHIP Coordinator:             (304) 720-6863 ext#18
WV BOSS Medicare Call Center:     1-877-987-4463
The Take Me Home, West Virginia: Money Follows the Person initiative provides additional support and services to eligible Medicaid members moving from long-term care facilities back to their own homes. Individuals in long-term care facilities face a number of challenges in returning to their homes. These challenges include lack of money for rental and utility deposits, basic household items, limited community support and limited assistance in transition plan development. The Take Me Home, West Virginia Program helps individuals and their support systems through these challenges.

Referrals to the Take Me Home West Virginia Program can be made by calling the statewide Aging & Disability Resource Network (ADRN) toll-free number at 1-866-981-2372.

Our Team

Brenda Landers
Executive Director
(304) 766-5125
Brittney Ramsey
Metro Fiscal Officer
(304) 766-5126
Ken Webb
Metro Accountant
(304) 766-5134
Kacie Whitney
Metro Administrative Assistant
(304) 766-5128
Sally  Blackburn
ADRN Coordinator
(304) 766-5131
Mary Beth
Mary Beth Spaulding
ADRN Resource Counselor
(304) 766-5139
Kimberly Taylor-Newsome
ADRN Resource Counselor
(304) 766-5130
Jennifer Ferrell
ADRN Resource Counselor
(304) 766-5137
Sara Martin
Transition Manager
(304) 356-4879
Paula  Corley
Transition Coordinator
(304) 881-4623
Gina  Fisher
Take Me Home WV- Transition Coordinator
(304) 807-3857
Autumn Hager
Take Me Home WV- Transition Coordinator
(304) 552-5524
Samuel Ball
Take Me Home WV- Transition Coordinator
(304) 922-1751

Brenda Landers

Brenda  Landers
Executive Director
(304) 766-5125
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