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FALL 2022 




Extended: Friday, September 30th, 2022
Friday, September 9, 2022
as outlined in the Academic Calendar

If you will or believe you will be completing degree requirements at the end of the Fall 22 term, you are required to apply for graduation to receive a degree.

*For students not graduating or completing requirements in Fall 2022:
 You will need to apply for Spring 23 Graduation in the term PRIOR (see dates below), per new policies and noted in the 2022-23 Catalog and Academic Calendars.

Spring Graduation Webpage
  • Application for Spring Graduation
    Opens Monday October 3rd, 2022 
    Deadline: Friday, November 4th, 2022

                  as outlined in the Academic Calendar
    Do not postpone and miss the deadline!

All Graduates & Undergraduates will be charged an application fee.
  • Fees will not be assessed to students re-applying from a previously denied application.

**Important Note**

The graduation application is not located in MyState. 

MyState will not update application status. 
Please do not refer to MyState for Application information.
Everything you need is on this webpage


             GENERAL F.A.Q.             


  1. Students who will, or believe they will complete all degree requirements at the end of the Fall 2022 term should apply now. 
  2. Click the Graduation Application box below, read the information displayed on the page  
    • Graduates & Undergraduates; Use the Fall 22 Graduation Application link
      • You will receive Commencement and Regalia information and instructions within the application so, Please Read Carefully.
        • You must order your own Regalia via the instructions prior to the deadlines given in the Regalia box link below if you wish to participate in the Fall 2022 Commencement Ceremony.
    • MEIL-Licensure; students not seeking the Master Degree will need to use the MEIL -NonDegree- Link
  3. ​Submit your application.
  4. Check out various links on this site for all the information you need, 

Q: I have completed the application, what now? 

  1. Fees will be applied after the application closes and must be paid prior to receiving transcripts or diplomas.
  2. Once the application has closed, all applicants will have a preliminary evaluation 
    • Registrar will consult and coordinate with each department.
  3. IF any action is required by the student, you will be notified immediately via your WVSU email
  4. Be sure to settle all institution obligations and requirements to your degree completion.
  5. Continue to monitor this site for more announcements on Graduation and Ceremony details as they are available.
  6. Take a deep breathe, exhale slowly. You are almost there!
  7. At the end of this term, after final grades are posted, a final review will be completed of all applicants for degree completion. 

Please click the boxes below for more information 

**Students who applied during Spring or Summer terms, but did not complete requirements, must re-apply.
  • Applications do not roll from one term to the next.


  • Diplomas have been ordered for those that have settled all final requirements with the institution.
    • All balances must be paid in full and Financial Aid Exit Counseling complete (if applicable) to resolve any outstanding holds.
      • You can login to MyState and check your holds,  for any obligations remaining to the institution. 
    • If you have these holds,
      1. Contact the Office of Student Accounts or Financial Aid to resolve the holds
      2. Notify the Registrars Office upon removal of these holds in order to expedite the order placement of your diploma.
      3. Wait for the arrival of your Diploma
  • Estimated Delivery arrival for Diplomas ordered is Mid February
    • You could have something a little extra special this Valentines day!  The best present to yourself!
  • Guest Ticket brief 
  • 6 tickets each
  • 12/5 -12/9- 8:30-4:30 @ Cashiers Office window in Ferrell Hall.
  • See additional details in 'Guest Tickets' under the 'Ceremony' box below
  • Discount codes from Jostens for rings and announcements - (See Regalia)
  • Graduation fees are currently being applied  and will appear on your account for payment. 
    • Payments must be made prior to receiving transcripts or a diploma. 
  • Honor cords will be available for pick up during Rehearsal, Friday December 9th, 2022. 
  • Ceremony information and details have been updated. 
  • Fall 2022 Application for Graduation is now CLOSED. 
  • Spring 2023 Application has been activated and posted.
  • Deadline EXTENDED to 9/30/22
  • Fall 2022 Graduation Applications have been posted and accepting applications. 

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