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FALL 2024 




The Official Class list for previous terms is posted on the Recognition page linked back at the main Graduation page

FALL 2024 GraduAtion 

Please stay tuned for Information and Announcements 

We will be hosting our 2nd year of Graduation Celebration events, with our Fall Celebration planned in October. 
We will post more details as they are available! 
In addition to the application to graduate, see below for
  • Instruction/ Guide
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Informative links for more information regarding
    • Ceremony - (Regalia)- details for Fall Ceremony are TBA in the Fall term
    • Fees
    • Application & requirements to graduate. 

*Reminder: Under policy all students must apply for graduation in the term PRIOR to completing requirements.
  • Summer and Fall Graduation Applications are closed simultaneously with the same deadlines during the previous Spring term.

DEADLINE: Extended Friday, May 10th, 2024
 Friday, April 5, 2024
as outlined in the Academic Calendar
The application has been modified to include all students completing any WVSU credential which include;
  • Degrees: Bachelors & Masters 

  • Post Graduate Certificates & Licensures

Within the application, please *carefully* select the correct credential in which you are applying and expect to complete by the end of the Fall term.
Be sure to include ALL credentials (minors, dual degree/ major or certificates) you have or will earn at end of term. 

Both your school record information and application must match your name & program

Your current MyDegree program MUST reflect the specific degree, major or certificate/licensure program in which you list on the application and expect to complete.
  • including the addition of or removal of any and all minors, certificates, dual majors, etc.
Requested Diploma Names MUST also match your student record.
  • If you have legally changed your name and have not updated your student record through the Office of the Registrar, you must do so to receive the diploma in your preferred name.
    • (*proof of legal name change is required)
To Verify Or Make Changes....
  • You can check your current information under MyState in 3 places;
    • MyDegree (*can also see your the audit of required courses)
    • Unofficial Transcripts 
    • Achieve
  • To make changes to your program(s) listed in these areas to match your application for the correct credentials earned, we have online forms to make it fast and easy to change just click below...
An application fee will be charged to your account prior to the start of the term you graduate.
  • Early applications and fee charges allow the fee to be included as part your initial billing for the term and eligible for payment under many financial aid options.
    • See your Financial Aid Counselor for more information
  • Fees will not be assessed to students re-applying from a previously denied application.
**Important Note**-Please do NOT refer to MyState for Application information.
The graduation application is NOT located in MyState. 
MyState will NOT provide an update of application status. 
See below for General Questions and Answers 

**Commencement is a celebratory event of recognition for those completing Bachelor and Master Degrees.

  • Students completing Post Graduate Certificates or Licensures will not be provided the additional Commencement and Regalia information

             GENERAL F.A.Q.             


  1. Students who will, or believe they will complete all requirements at the end of the Fall term should apply now (term prior to completing requirements). 
  2. Click the Graduation Application box below, read the information displayed on the page  
    • All students completing any credential program should click the application and *carefully* select the correct credential expected to complete at the end of the term in which you are applying
    • Graduates & Undergraduates;
      • You will receive Commencement and Regalia information and instructions at a later date, once information is available.
      • Please monitor the website for all announcements and future time sensitive Regalia instructions, (emails will also be sent).
    • Post Graduate Certificates & Licensure; students seeking post graduate credentials programs or non-degree should use the same link, just be sure to select your correct credential. 
  3. ​Submit your application.
  4. Verify your current Program/ Major and or Minor if applicable in MyState matches your application input.
    1. Use Student Forms page above to resolve any differences to ensure you are evaluated for the appropriate program in which you are completing and have applied.
  5. Check out various links on this site for all the information you need, 

Q: I have completed the application, what now? 

  1. Fees will be applied after the application closes and must be paid prior to receiving transcripts or diplomas. 
  2. Once the application has closed, all applicants will have a preliminary evaluation 
    • Registrar's Office will consult and coordinate with each department for questions and any needed paperwork.
  3. IF any action is required by the student, you will be notified immediately via your WVSU email
  4. You can check MyDegree located in the MyState menu at any time to check your requirement status and consult with your adviser if needed.
  5. Be sure to settle all institution obligations and requirements to your degree completion.
  6. Continue to monitor this site for more announcements on Graduation and Ceremony details as they are available.
  7. Take a deep breathe, exhale slowly. You are almost there!
  8. At the end of this term, after final grades are posted, a final review will be completed of all applicants for degree completion. 
  9. Diplomas will be custom ordered after ALL institutional obligations and academic requirements have been met and confirmed.
    1. Final Transcripts are available immediately upon confirmation of degree award and cleared obligations.
      1. Obligations will show as a Financial Aid or Student Account hold in MyState 
      2. Unofficial transcripts can be viewed to confirm degree award before ordering official transcript copies.
    2. For those with outstanding obligations (i.e. Balances, FA Exit Counseling) please ensure the completion prior to the Ceremony or no later than mid-week following the Ceremony, (when final grades are posted) to ensure fastest order and receipt of your diploma.
    3. See Fees & Obligations below for more information 

Please click the boxes below for more information 

**Students who applied during Spring or Summer terms, but did not complete requirements, must re-apply.
  • Applications do not roll from one term to the next.


*We have added some additional information.
Please see the updated information to the left pertaining to new policies and application changes.

FALL 2024
  • Fall 2024 Graduation Application has officially opened and available in the box link below

FALL 2023
  • Diplomas are on the way!
    • Awarded students with settled accounts/ holds
    • EST. DEL. Feburay 5-12th, 2024
  • Official Fall 23 Class list updated on the Recognition page

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