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and STEM Program 

In 1993, NASA AEL began as an innovative project designed to increase participation and retention of underrepresented youth in grades K-12 in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

In 2010, WVSU became another host site for this awe-inspiring program designed to INSPIRE a more diverse student population to pursue careers in STEM-related fields; ENGAGE students, parents/caregivers, family members, and teachers by incorporating emerging technologies into instruction; and EDUCATE students utilizing rigorous STEM curriculum designed and implemented as only NASA can. 

Today, WVSU continues to harness NASA’s STEM opportunities for youth and adults by offering a five-core component program to include 1) authentic STEM experiences in and out of our NASA AEL facility, 2) a mobile creator’s innovation maker space, 3) family involvement, 4) professional development for formal and informal (youth-serving organizations) educators, and 5) community and school outreach.

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