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The mission of the Center for Online Learning (COL) at West Virginia State University (WVSU) is to assist faculty members in the use of educational technologies that help support their teaching and enhance the learning and retention of their students. 

The strategic functions and key operational focus of the Center, derived from its mission, include the following four primary focus areas:


  1. Administering and managing the University learning management system, WVSU Online, and providing technical training and support to faculty and students; 
  2. Providing training and support in effective design and delivery of online courses as well as promoting the best-practices in these areas: 
  3. Promoting and facilitating the implementation of quality standards for online courses at the University and assisting the faculty in conducting self-reviews of online courses; and
  4. Reviewing and reporting on developments in educational technology.

If you need additional information, please refer to the Faculty or Student Resources page.
West Virginia State University prides itself on its numerous efforts to make the campus as accessible as possible.  If you have a documented disability or would like assistance in determining if you have a disability, please contact Counseling and Accessibility immediately .

Students can learn more about on-campus services by visiting Counseling and Accessibility Services in Sullivan Hall or by clicking here.

WVSU Online is powered by the open-source platform, Moodle.  The Moodle Community strives to provide persons with disabilities equivalent access to content and features. Our vendor's quality assurance and accessibility working group evaluates new and substantially revised tools when new versions of Moodle are introduced. More about Moodle accessibility can be found here.
One of the primary functions of the Center involves the administration of the University’s current learning management system (LMS), which is powered by the open-source learning management system Moodle. The system is managed by the Center’s staff and is hosted externally by eThink.


The fully online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting degree program from West Virginia State University focuses on fundamental theories and concepts in the fields of business administration and accounting. The specialized accounting curriculum features coursework that provides students with the tools and competencies required for effective problem solving and decision making in accounting careers. With this degree, you will learn to think critically about relevant business topics and communicate effectively in the modern workplace. This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs.


The fully online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Management degree program from West Virginia State University teaches students the skills required for leadership positions in today’s business world. The curriculum explores key business topic areas like accounting, finance, marketing and information systems. Develop your skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving and quantitative analysis. Through our specialized management coursework, you will also get an in-depth look at management principles and theories that prepare you for success in a variety of roles. This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs.


The fully online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program from West Virginia State University provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the modern criminal justice system and its relationship with society. The curriculum is informed by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and coursework features an in-depth study of the perpetrators and causes of crime from a theoretical and practical framework. Graduates of this program have a knowledge of and sensitivity to multicultural, racial and gender issues within the criminal justice system and are prepared for careers as responsible criminal justice professionals.


The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice prepares students for careers in the field of criminal justice, and will enhance the careers of those already employed in the field. The program is designed as a cohort group to be completed within six semesters and includes an internship and final paper in the last semester. There are twelve required courses for a total of thirty-six (36 hours). Students will be required to take two (2) courses per semester for six consecutive semesters. These courses focus on administration, management, policy making, law, and ethics. 


The fully online Bachelor of Arts in English – Technical Writing degree program from West Virginia State University focuses on preparing students with the knowledge and experience to succeed in many writing and communications careers. As a student, you will learn to prepare reports, technical documents and correspondence while emphasizing a functional approach to the intersection of business and technical writing. Learn to apply digital literacies and manage project production while engaging in technical tasks like copy editing and information design. Graduates of this program are proficient in analytical thinking, critical reading and a variety of writing modes. This program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


The fully online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program from West Virginia State University provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between social factors and health. Through coursework in statistics, nutrition, sociology, health assessment and more, students learn to apply relevant theories and develop education programs that address the health needs of target populations. This program is accredited by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) and prepares graduates for careers in health education and other health-related fields.


The fully online Regents Bachelor of Arts degree program from West Virginia State University is designed for adult learners who have been out of high school for at least four years. It prepares students to advance their career with the added credential of a bachelor’s degree. The flexible RBA program allows students to earn college equivalent credit (CEC) for work experience as well as earning credit through coursework in the traditional way. Because the program is fully online, students can maintain work and personal commitments while earning their degree.

Through the Work and Life Experience Portfolio, students demonstrate mastery of the RBA degree outcomes and highlight their experience. Graduates of this program are proficient in critical thinking, problem-solving, oral and written communication, goal setting and computer skills.


The fully online Master of Education in Instructional Leadership degree program from West Virginia State University creates opportunities for classroom teachers to expand their skills and advance into administrative positions. The curriculum is focused on the exploration and application of new techniques and concepts, helping instructional leaders create pathways to success for students and staff members. Coursework emphasizes social justice, fairness and equity and is grounded in research findings.

This degree is divided into two stream options: a Licensure Option for candidates who are entering the program already holding a master’s degree and a Master’s Degree Option for candidates who are seeking a master’s degree in addition to the application for administrative licensure. Each stream begins with foundational courses and progresses to more advanced topics that impact the content and skills necessary for success. This program also provides an opportunity for administrative licensure upon completion of requirements of the West Virginia Department of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions specifically related to faculty or students, please visit the Faculty Resources or Student Resources page.

What is my User ID and password?
Your user ID is everything before the @ sign in your WVSU email address.  So, if your email id is, your user ID is janedoe. Please keep in mind that your log in information is the same as for your email and MyState (if you are not using your A-number to sign in), so if you change your password there, it will change for MyOnline as well.  If you are still experiencing trouble logging in to MyOnline, please contact the COL Help Desk or call us at (304) 766-3300.
I don't know what my WVSU email address is.
When you first register at WVSU, you are given an A-number and a password.  You can use this information to access your MyState page, where you register for courses, review class grades, etc.  On the MyState page there is a tab called Personal Information.  Click on this tab and you can then choose to view your email address and update your personal information. If you wish or need to change your password, go to the password reset utility.

For additional information, see the Getting Started section of the Faculty Resources or Student Resources page.
What do the different Web designations mean?
When you look at the course schedule, many courses may have a web tag associated with them (i.e., Web-30, Web-50, Web-80, or Web-100).  The word "Web" means that the course has an online (web) component, the number (30, 50, etc.) denotes the amount of work done via the web.  Specifically,
  • Web-30 means that the course is primarily face-to-face (F2F), but there may be a few alternative class sessions where you do web assignments online instead of meeting F2F.  You may also be asked to complete assignments and tests online.
  • Web-50 means that the course is half F2F and half online.  The breakdown of course work and assignments between the F2F and online components is determined by the instructor.
  • Web-80 means that the course is primarily online, but may have 1-4 F2F sessions. 
  • Web-100 means that the course is completely online and no F2F sessions are required.

Our Team

Dr. Thomas
Dr. Thomas Kiddie
Director of the Center for Online Learning
Caitlin Teetor
Instructional Designer/COL Lab Manager
Amanda Myers
Faculty Support Specialist
Student using a laptop

WVSU Online
Center for Online Learning
222 Wallace Hall
(304) 766-3300

Technical support for WVSU Online (Moodle) can be obtained in Wallace 222, via email, or by calling (304) 766-3300 during business hours. 

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