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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Reaffirmation

West Virginia State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. For reaffirmation of its regional accreditation, WVSU is conducting a self-study process in which faculty, staff, administrators, and community members, who will gather information about West Virginia State University's operations, strengths, opportunities, and challenges, Committees are carefully considering WVSU's educational programs and services, with particular attention to student learning and achievement and will determine how well these programs and services accomplish WVSU’s goals, fulfill its mission, and meet the Higher Learning Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation. Since the main purpose of the self study is institutional self-understanding and improvement, the self-study committees will be working to identify opportunities for growth/development, as well as problems and their possible solutions.

Two fundamental questions guide WVSU's self study: Is the institutional community achieving what it wants to achieve? and What should the institutional community do to improve its effectiveness in achieving its core aims?
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