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Daniya KhanMeet Daniya Khan! She is a junior Business Management major from Chicago with roots in Pakistan and Dubai. She wants to explore life and see where it takes her, but she hopes to eventually be her own boss – an entrepreneur - whether that means something with marketing, management or human resources, only time will tell, she says.  


Here’s a little bit more about Daniya:


Why did you choose Business Management as your major? “I actually started off undecided and then I went to Physics and I just knew that that part of the whole world didn’t make as much sense to me as I thought it did, but it introduced me to working with teams and being a leader. I thought, ‘maybe this is a thing I can take on for the rest of my life,’ so I chose management in business because I knew there were a lot of career options there. I was fascinated by all the choices.”


Why did you choose WVSU? “I really wanted to explore the HBCU culture on a minute scale. Where I came from prior to WVSU, one institution was a PWI and one was an HBCU. I was looking for a community and social circle I can become a part of just to have that support in friends. The main thing was also how beautiful this campus was. I love West Virginia. It is really beautiful here.” 


What are you involved with at WVSU? “I’m Vice President of the Student Government Association and am a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.”


What is the best part of WVSU, in your opinion? “The history here is really what drives the community. People just want to stay close to their culture, their traditions, but it’s like a melting pot here and we really get to explore all of them in depth and we have our own little bubble here.”


What do you like to do in your free time? “Hang out with friends, watch True Crime documentaries, take care of my eight tanks of fish, and my turtle and crab. I like keeping myself busy and exploring a lot of topics that are new to me.”


Favorite class so far? “Business law. It’s a really hard class and the professor is hard too, but he makes it interesting and I’m learning what I’m into as well as a whole new aspect of business, which is law and that whole aspect is interesting.”


What would be playing if you started your car right now? “Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ album. Any song off of that.”


What’s a movie you love? “Happy Feet”


What is a cause you are passionate about? “Climate change and getting young adults involved in politics.”


What’s your favorite spot on campus? “In the library, upstairs in the study rooms.”


Do you have any advice for others who may be interested in your major? “Don’t be scared of being overwhelmed, because you will be but take it as a learning curve.”

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