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How often does West Virginia State University pay their employees?

Employees are paid bi-weekly and in arrears.  The wvOASIS Payroll Schedule can be found here.


When are Kronos time card approvals due?
Time card and leave request approvals are due by 12:00 Noon on the Monday following the Friday pay day.  If Monday is a holiday, time card and leave request approvals are due by 10:00 AM on Tuesday.


How do I sign up for Direct Deposit or make changes to an existing Direct Deposit?
The direct deposit form can be found by clicking here and then log in to the myApps link.  After you are logged in, select the blue Forms box and choose either Direct Deposit Setup or Direct Deposit Change form. 

The completed form must be returned to the payroll office (110 Cole Complex) accompanied by a voided check or a letter from your banking institution on their letterhead with your typed routing and account numbers and be signed by a banking employee.

How often can an employee’s direct deposit information be changed?
An employee can change their direct deposit as often as they desire but the employee should not close out any existing bank accounts until the account change is complete.


How often may an employee change their federal and state tax withholding?
An employee can change their federal and state withholding as often as they desire but changes must reach payroll office prior to the payroll cutoff date. To find the federal and state tax witholding forms, please click here

Where can I view my paystub and W-2 information?
View Paystub and W-2 Information

- Log into myApps
- Click on ESS (Employee Self Service)
- Click on MyInfo Tab on the left hand side of the page
- Click on My Compensation
- Click on Issued Checks/Advices
- Click on Attachments
- Click on Download
- Click on Open or Save
- The document that opens is your gross to net pay statement
- Scroll to the bottom to see how your net pay is distributed

If you do not have a myApps account you may easily create one by clicking here and then click on Create Account.

If you require assistance creating a myApps account, you may contact the myApps Help Desk at 304-340-4850.

What is FICA?
The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax is a United States payroll or employment tax imposed by the federal government on both employees and employers to fund Social Security and Medicare.  For 2018, the employee's Social Security tax rate is 6.2% on earnings up to $117,000.  The employee's Medicare tax rate is 1.45% on all earnings.


I am a student and did not have any FICA taken from my check, why?
A special case in FICA regulations includes exemptions for student workers.  Students enrolled at least half-time in a university and working part-time for the same university are exempted from FICA payroll taxes, so long as their relationship with the university is primarily an educational one.  For more information click here.

Payroll Office

Phone:                         304-766-3184
Fax:                               304-766-4261
Campus Address:     110 Cole Complex
Hours:                          Monday - Friday
                                       8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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