Academics MENU
Academic Learning Objectives: 
  • Develop an understanding of the management of a non-profit organization
  • Develop an understanding of the function and community outreach performed by a non-profit health-education agency
Learning Tasks/Strategies:
  • Review organizational charts to identify levels of management
  • Review job descriptions for board of directors, CEO, VPs, program staff and volunteers
Professional Learning Objectives:
  • Gain an understanding of the history, mission and work of the American Lung Association
  • Gain knowledge about the specific programs and services provided by the American Lung Association
Learning Tasks/Strategies:
  • Review history of the organization through printed documents, online materials, and discussion with staff and supervisor
  • Attend appropriate program trainings or review program manuals
  • Attend program and event planning meetings
  • Attend program and events when possible
  • Attend appropriate program trainings or review program manuals
  • Meet with individual staff to discuss how they utilize volunteers for their specific programs and events
  • Attend volunteer trainings/events

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.
Eligibility: All undergraduate and master's level students are eligible to apply.
All summer interns work full time and a minimum of 8 weeks, although 10 weeks is preferred. Interns are paid weekly stipend. Interns must be able to commit to a minimum of 20 hours per week. International students must be able to provide documentation that shows they are allowed to work in the United States.

Current Internships
Communication Internship
American Progress’ Communications team works to pursue progressive change by connecting American Progress’ experts, ideas, events, and publications with the media and the public. The team works to develop and execute comprehensive and innovative communications strategies to get American Progress’ policy priorities the attention they deserve.
Development/Strategic Planning Internship
The Development department at American Progress works to ensure the long-term stability of the organization. The Development team maintains relationships with members of the progressive philanthropic community; coordinates the work of American Progress’ various departments with the organization’s long-term goals; and furthers American Progress’ mission through communication, coordination, and financial outreach.
Domestic Policy Internship
The Domestic Policy team focuses on five key policy areas: education, health care, immigration, poverty, and women’s health and rights. In pursuing significant change in these areas, team members regularly produce policy proposals, host panel discussions to further public discourse, and work to build relationships with other organizations working in their area of concentration. Team members also work with the Communications and External Affairs teams to bring attention to their work from both the media and Congress.
Economic Policy Internship
Economic Policy interns serve as fully engaged members of the team and are vital to the work that they do. Interns will have the opportunity to delve into a variety of projects and gain valuable knowledge and understanding of key issues facing the nation. Though not limited to this list, the Economic Policy team’s work is likely to encompass the following: labor markets, retirement security, higher education, housing, budget and tax policy, international economic policy and trade, economic mobility, and the general state and future of the economy.
Energy and Environment Internship
American Progress is a leader in the shifting debate on climate change and energy by driving research and policy toward a more comprehensive discussion on sustainable economic growth and our collective global future.
Ethnic Media Internship
American Progress is committed to taking its message to diverse communities. To that end, the Ethnic Media team does targeted and comprehensive communications work to reach communities of color. The Ethnic Media team works closely with American Progress’ policy and events teams and maintains working relationships with national ethnic media outlets, including Spanish-language media. In addition, the Ethnic Media team produces a number of original products and organizes several events each year.
 Executive Internship
The American Progress Executive Office is responsible for directing and overseeing all policy developments and educational and communication outreach at the organization. Exposure to all aspects of the organization’s work—educational efforts, policy initiatives, and administrative organization—will provide interns with unique insight into the workings of a fast-paced, nonpartisan public policy research institution dedicated to finding progressive and pragmatic solutions to significant domestic and international problems.
External Affairs Internship
The External Affairs team amplifies American Progress’ policy voice by forging relationships with progressive groups, think tanks, scholars, community leaders, and elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels. The department raises awareness of the organization and its work, while connecting staff with progressive allies.
Faith and Progressive Policy Internship
The Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative of the Center for American Progress works to identify and articulate the moral, ethical, and spiritual values underpinning policy issues, ranging from economic inequality to reproductive and sexual justice to immigration, among others. The initiative helps shape a progressive stance in which these values are clear and increase public awareness and understanding of these values.
Generation Progress Internship

      Welcome to the coolest internship experience. Ever. In addition to getting substantive work experience, Generation Progress interns get    access to special events such as film screenings and conferences and the opportunity to use words like “substantive” on a daily basis.

Guns and Crime Internship
The Guns and Crime team focuses on gun violence prevention and other issues related to crime in the United States. More than 33,000Americans die each year as a result of firearm injuries, and American Progress advocates for common-sense gun violence prevention policies to reduce the number of deaths and nonfatal firearm injuries that are a result of weak firearm regulations and laws.
Half in Ten Anti-Poverty Campaign Internship
The Half in Ten campaign aims to reduce poverty by 50 percent in the next 10 years. The Center for American Progress Action Fund, the Coalition on Human Needs, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights have teamed up in this multiyear effort to update the public’s perception of poverty and change the course of federal, state, and local governing by encouraging policies that promote decent work, provide opportunity for all, ensure economic security, and help Americans build wealth.
 Immigration Policy Internship
The American Progress Immigration Policy team provides leadership on research, advocacy, policy, and communications in all aspects of immigration policy in the United States. The team crafts and supports positive immigration reforms and refutes negative and biased anti-immigrant sentiment and policy. The team works closely with a broad coalition of advocacy organizations, as well as congressional and government offices to promote real solutions to the nation’s immigration challenges.
Legal Progress Internship
Legal Progress is the legal policy program at the Center for American Progress. No matter the issue, the judiciary will continue to play an increasingly important role in the lives of hardworking Americans, as well as in the success of the progressive legislative agenda. Through legal and policy analysis, communications and public education, and convening key stakeholders, Legal Progress helps push the American legal system in a more progressive direction and educate the public about the courts’ effect on the issues they care about most.
LGBT Issues Internship
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, research and communications interns serve as fully engaged members of the LGBT team at American Progress. The main focuses of the team’s strategic work include ending discrimination against LGBT workers, achieving relationship recognition rights, increasing LGBT people’s access to health care, and advocating for anti-LGBT bullying initiatives across the country.
National Security and International Policy Internship
The National Security and International Policy team seeks to advance a strong progressive vision for U.S. foreign policy. The team works on a wide array of issues, ranging from defense and national security policy to foreign affairs and international development, and has a broad geographic scope, from China and Southeast Asia to the Middle East and Turkey to Mexico and the Americas. Major ongoing projects include a robust Middle East program; innovative work on U.S. foreign policy toward China and in Asia; articulating a strong progressive vision on national defense; the cross-linkages of climate, migration, and security; and building sustainable security through greater global prosperity and effective international development.
Race Policy/Progress 2050 Internship
Progress 2050 is a project of the Center for American Progress that provides analysis on the intersection of policy and race and examines the implications of the demographic shift happening across the nation. The team’s work uses current and future U.S. demographic trends as a foundation for progressive policies that advance equity.
Research Team Internship
The American Progress Research team works on both rapid-response and long-term research and communications projects. The team’s core products are The Progress Report and ThinkProgress.
Technical Support Internship
Are you the person your friends and family run to when their computer has issues? American Progress has dozens of Macs and hundreds of PCs, as well as its share of gremlins, so the Technical Support team can give you hands-on experience using professional-grade tools and techniques to fix the problems that arise while running a think tank that employs more than 200 people.
ThinkProgress Internship
ThinkProgress is one of the web’s top progressive blogs, presenting original and continual research on the day’s hottest news. Interns do extensive research, write, edit, fact-check, monitor news stories, blog on ThinkProgress, and complete other tasks as assigned.
Video Internship
Do you want to film people such as former President Bill Clinton, Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling, and President Barack Obama? Get hands-on experience working with cutting-edge HD and DV cameras? Have the freedom to flourish in Final Cut Pro? AmericanProgress is looking for an intern to join the Video team to expand the organization’s visual media offerings.
War Room Internship
The CAP Action War Rom team works on both rapid-response and long-term research and communications projects. The Progress Report, the War Room’s signature product, is a daily newsletter reaching more than 90,000 subscribers with a progressive analysis of the news.
Web Producer Internship
Interns on the Web Technology team learn how journalistic content is managed and produced at a leading think tank and assist in the production and distribution of policy work on a broad range of issues. Interns learn how to effectively provide solutions to assigned projects and improve quality control of both utilities and content; deal effectively with a variety of situations and find appropriate solutions in a rapid-response environment; acquire experience and essential training for developing new and innovative ideas; and gain hands-on training in web and journalism best practices.
Web Technology Developer Internship
Have you created your own mash-up or hosted your own blog? American Progress supports dozens of websites and blogs; you can help add features, launch new projects, and get involved in creating online campaigns.
Women’s Health and Rights Internship
The Women’s Health and Rights Program, or WHRP, helps reframe the domestic debate on reproductive rights to better address fundamental issues of women’s health care and rights; develops innovative policy approaches to these issues; and integrates these critical issues into the broader progressive agenda and community.

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.

Intern, Application Development
Job Description:
The Intern, Application Development will assist higher level specialists in data collection and evaluation of work processes and policy effectiveness. This position will perform limited system analysis and design functions and may assist more senior Analysts in systems analysis.
This is a full-time summer internship and will require someone who can work at least 40 hours per week.  Start and end dates will be based on availability and business need. 
The items listed are essential functions of the position unless otherwise stated 
Position Responsibilities: 
1.      Complete a Project analysis on a portion of a larger project.
2.      Take a project through the SDLC process.
3.      Develop a work plan for a project.
4.      Assist in data collection and evaluation of work processes and policy effectiveness.
5.      Perform limited system analysis and design functions and may assist more senior Analysts in systems analysis.
6.      Nonessential function: other duties as assigned. 
Required Skills:
·         Visual Studio 2013/2015
·         C#
·         HTML5/CSS3
·         JavaScript
·         AngularJS
·         Oracle Database PL/SQL
Required Experience:
·         Must be currently enrolled and have completed at least 60 credit hours with an accredited college or university.
·         Preference may be given to those pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Programming or related field.
Applications deadline by 5pm Friday October 28, 2016
Job Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Intern, Internal Audit
Job Description:
The Intern, Internal Audit will report to the Internal Audit Manager. The position will assist with conducting performance, financial, compliance and integrated audit projects. 
This is a full-time summer internship requiring at least 40 hours worked per week. Start and end dates will be based on availability and business need. 
The items listed are essential functions of the position unless otherwise stated 
Position Responsibilities:
1.      Assist the Internal Auditor Manager with performing audit procedures, including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing and analyzing evidence, and documenting client processes and procedures.
2.      Review documents, administer surveys, and prepare working papers.
3.      Assist in tracking recommendations until the issues have been addressed.
4.      Assist in maintaining summaries of reports to management to include third-party reliance on key user control considerations and how management addresses them.
5.      Work with data from various databases, reports and other documents.
6.      Develop and maintain harmonious and productive co-worker and management relationships through individual contacts and group meetings and works effectively in a professional team environment.
7.      Non-essential function: Perform other duties as assigned.
Required Skills:
·         Discretion and ability to maintain confidentiality.
·         Initiative and desire to learn
·         Ability to multi-task with good organizational skills.
·         Must be detailed oriented.
·         Must be proficient in Microsoft applications
·         Good communication skills.
·         Ability to “think outside the box”
Required Experience:
·         Must have completed at least 60 credit hours with an accredited college or university.
·         Must be actively enrolled and pursuing a degree in accounting (preferred). Will consider business administration, finance, public administration, or a related field with an accounting minor. 
Applications deadline by 5pm Friday October 21, 2016
Job Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Intern, Accounting
Job Description:
The Accounting Intern will report to the Vice President and Controller in the finance department.  The position will assist with daily operations, assist with accounts payable and payroll as needed, and will provide backup for regular employees as needed.
This is a full-time summer internship and will require someone who can work at least 40 hours per week.  Start and end dates will be based on availability and business need.
The items listed are essential functions of the position unless otherwise stated
Position Responsibilities:
1.      Posting journal entries.
2.      Assisting with accounts payable and payroll as needed.
3.      Assisting in set up of manual files used to track financial data.
4.      Working with databases.
5.      Providing backup for employees on vacation for short periods.
6.      Nonessential function: other duties as assigned.
Required Skills:
·         Must be proficient in Microsoft applications.
·         Must be detailed oriented.
·         Good communication skills.
·         General accounting principles.
Required Experience:
·         Must have completed at least 60 credit hours with an accredited college or university. 
·         Must be actively enrolled and pursuing a degree in accounting.
Applications deadline by 5pm Friday, October 21, 2016
Job Location: Charleston, West Virginia

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.

Leadership Internship
Compensation: $11/hour
The internship will be a holistic approach to the restaurant. Students will learn about Chick-Fil-A's service model. 

Marketing Internship
Compensation: $11/hour
Students will learn how Chick-Fil-A markets their business. 

Leadership Program Overview
A 30 month, hands on, experiential learning experience. This will help develop the intern candidate into the type of leader that is desired in today's competitive landscape. 

Total Package
$13/hour, 45-5- hrs. week+

Meal Plan
$2600/yr ($10/day)

Insurance Plan
$2700 year ($225/month)

Paid Time Off
40 hours/week after first year

After first year, you put in 5% and Chick-Fil-A will match you 4%. 

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.
Two internship opportunities at the Clay Center for Arts & Sciences:
  • Communications/Graphic Design
  • Marketing

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.

Office Information
  • ‚ÄčOpened in Kanawha City in January of 2011
  • Typically employs 5-8 agents and support staff
  • Markets to all of southern West Virginia, eastern Kentucky and southeastern Ohio
  • Full service property/casualty insurance office; meaning they sell and service nearly all insurance needs
  • Hours of Operation: M-F 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-12pm
  • Over 16,000 new policies have been sold out of this office since opening
  • Fast-paced, high-energy environment
  • Constantly working together to train and better their team
Intern Requirements:
  • Ability to communicate clearly with the public
  • Looks and acts as a professional
  • Positive, outgoing personality that genuinely enjoys helping people
  • Experience in customer service, retail sales, or restaurant industry
  • Dependable
  • Eager to learn the industry
  • Takes direction
  • Preferred majors: marketing, management, entrepreneurship, sport management, or accounting 
$10-$12/hour (dependant upon experience) with bonus and commission opportunity. They prefer to hire someone that already has or is willing to quickly obtain a WV property and casualty insurance license. 

Internship with Dell: Network Development Staff Engineer

Minimum Education:
Working towards: BS Computer Science or BS Computer Engineering

  • Assist with development, analysis, and design of systems and/or programs
  • Identify and evaluate open source software applications/tools to enable solutions
  • Develop, integrate, and implement related applications components, server-side development, database integration and UI. 
  • Must be able to understand existing code, debug product issues, and analyze problems and offer solution
  • Preparation of technical product documentation used internally and externally
  • Work collaboratively with team members
  • Assist with defining system design and developing networking products. Must demonstrate the ability to define and develop modern software for industry. Knowledge of emerging software architecture and applications required. Be able to carry out multiple complex tasks in parallel with a minimum of guidance. 
  • Design and development of networking equipment software. 
  • Be part of a development team to define functional requirements/specifications and carry out execution of features. 
  • Perform coding, unit tests and integration tests, work with test team to verify the features. 
  • Preparation of technical product documentation used internally and externally. 
  • Work collaboratively with team members. 
Required Skills: 
  • Hands-on implementation experience in data structures, algorithms and complexity analysis
  • Implementation of projects/applications in modern Java/C++ code with OO design. 
  • Working knowledge of developing java application to run on Linux OS. 
  • Working experience with IDEs such as Eclipse. 
  • Knowledge of various Database technologies such as SQL and NoSQL technologies. 
  • Experience in Design Pattern, Asynchronous Message Processing, and concurrency. 
  • Prior working experience in web services, REST and/or XML- and/or JSON-based APIs. 
  • Experience with Python and shell scripting. 
  • IP networking knowledge would be a big plus, but not required. 
  • Experience using web development languages including HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and JSP are a plus. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.

Legislative/Grant Coordinator Internship

Compensation: $15/hour

Responsibilities Include: 
  • Drafting of legislation
  • Seeking sponsorship of legislation
  • Daily monitoring of introduced bills
  • Daily tracking of legislation of interest
  • Daily monitoring of legislative committee agendas to see which committee meetings need to be attended
  • Daily monitoring of the Senate and House floor session agendas
  • Talk to legislators and other lobbyists about the status of certain bills as needed
  • Prepare weekly legislative updates for the Commissioners, Metro and Yeager to update them on the status of issues that may affect them
  • Review the county Commissioners' Association and West Virginia Association of Counties' weekly updates
  • Review Grant responsibilities for Kanawha County Government
  • Review and Develop Potential Partnership for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization POWER grant opportunities or application for Kanawaha County Government
For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.
Accounting Internship 
 $13/hour (flexible)

This is a great opportunity for Accounting majors who are interested to experience accounting from the perspective of an industry entity and view the controls within the company.

The intern will be introduced to all areas of the accounting department, including: 
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable
Special assignments will include sales tax and B&O projects. 

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.

General Counsel Undergraduate Intern Program

The Department of Energy's Office of the General Counsel Undergraduate Intern Program offers an exciting opportunity for college students to gain firsthand exposure to cutting-edge issues in energy law and policy. The General Counsel is charged by the Secretary of Energy with the authority to determine the Department's authoritative position on any question of law. The General Counsel's Office provides legal advice, counsel, and support to the Secretary, the Deputy Secretary, and program offices throughout DOE to further the Department's mission of advancing the national, economic, and energy security of the United States through scientific and technological innovation and the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex. 
Interns will have an opportunity to attend meetings, observe hearings, and learn first-hand about the work of DOE and the Office of General Counsel.

Interns can expect work assignments concerning an array of energy related issues, such as:
  • Energy efficiency enforcement
  • Implementation of energy law
  • Renewable technologies and increasing transparency
  • Accountability and efficiency within the DOE.
Interns will have a mix of substantive and administrative responsibilities and may perform a wide array of tasks, such as 
  • Policy and legal research on energy-related issues
  • Cite-checking and proofreading legal briefs, memoranda, and correspondence
  • Maintaining and improving the General Counsel Office website and DOE internal wiki
  • Various administrative duties
All interested students are encouraged to apply, however the positions are very competitive. 
  • U.S. citizenship is required
  • Strong academic credentials and extra curricular activities are preferred
  • No paid internships are available
Interns are required to work a minimum of ten weeks during the summer, and 12-14 weeks for the fall and spring semesters. 

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.
  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Nutrition
  3. Child Care
  4. K-5 Education (after-school programs)
  5. Youth Sports
  6. Adult Sports
  7. Accounting
  8. Marketing/Advertising
  9. Public Relations
  10. Facilities Management
  11. Sports Management
  12. Personal Training/Fitness
  13. Business Development
  14. Government Relations/Civic Involvement
  15. Grant Writing

For more information, contact Dr. Azam Bejou at or (304) 204-4025.
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