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Fall 2024 online Registration Information

Registration for the Fall 2024 semester registration will soon be underway.

Fall Advising begins:

  • Monday, March 4, 2024

Please see the "Advising" section below, and meet with your advisor to register early and secure your seat!


Registration at will be open at 7 AM on following dates:
  • Monday, March 18, 2024 -
    • Undergraduate students with 90 or more credit hours (Seniors), Honors Students, Veterans, Athletes, Graduate & Post Grad Students.  Online only students.
  • Tuesday, March 19, 2024 -  
    • Undergraduate students with 60-89 credit hours (Juniors)
  • Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 
    • Undergraduate students with 30-59 credit hours (Sophomores)
  • Thursday, March 21, 2024 -
    • Undergraduate students with 29 credits or fewer
  • Monday, April 1, 2024 - 
    • Open Registration: All New and Re-admitted Students 

You will be able to register in MyState if you have met the following:
1.      You have been advised and have received a registration PIN from your advisor
2.      You have resolved all registration holds (see below for notes on holds)
3.      It is your time to register

The steps  outline how to complete your advising and registration remotely.  You can be advised and register for courses without visiting campus.


Step 1:  Before Advising

It is best to have a schedule planned before you reach out to an advisor. 
If you are unable to determine what is needed, your advisor can help you. It is still highly recommended to be familiar with your MyDegree requirements and progress.
Students are responsible for understanding these requirements and when they will bee completed in order to apply for graduation within the deadlines. 

View MyDegree (this is accessed through the MyState portal) to determine which courses you need to complete to satisfy degree requirements. 
  • Use this information in combination with the class schedule to develop a general outline of your schedule.
    • Take note of the class CRN numbers.  You will use these later for registration.

Step 2:  Contacting your Advisor

You should contact your academic advisor to schedule an advising session as soon as possible. 
  • Your advisor’s name should be listed in your MyState.
  • In order to access where this is listed.
  • First, go to your MyState >> Student & Financial Aid >> Student Records >> View Student Information.
  • Your advisor’s name will be listed here. Advisor contact information can be found on the WVSU website. A link to all department webpages is above on the right
  • If no advisor is listed, or was not updated after a change of major, please contact the Academic Advising Center, or by email at and they will assign an advisor for you.

Step 3: Advising

  • Your advisor will discuss your schedule or help you create a schedule to help ensure you are on track for graduation.
    • *It is the students responsibility to adhere to requirements for graduation as outlined in the Academic Catalog.
  • The academic advisor will give you a registration term PIN after they have completed your advising. 
    • Faculty will get the PIN from their academic or dean’s clerical staff.
    • Freshman and Sophomore pins expire 24 hours from the student activating it in MyState. 


Now that you have been advised and have your PIN you can now register online.

How to register courses in MyState;

Find Courses and CRNS (four digit unique course ID) in the new schedule format
  • If you do not already have your CRN's first visit class schedule search

  • Select term you wish to register
  • Then select the subject or subjects in which you are looking
    • You may also use the advanced search link to filter and further search for days, times or part of terms (Full term, Second part of term (first half of term), or Third part of term (second half of the term)
  • Be sure to note the CRN. Also, check the Status column on the schedule to make sure your classes are open.
    • If not, you may need to adjust your selection or obtain permission (see note on permission).
  • Once you have all your information, Visit MyState per the above tutorial to register courses online. 
*Alternatively you can also complete a digital Add/Drop form request, located on Office of Registrar web page under Student Forms.
Note: you will still need your complete schedule with CRNs, the office can not advise. 
  • This form can be completed anytime within the deadlines for schedule changes outlined in the Academic Calendar.

If you have no problems registering for these courses - congratulations - you are done!



1.      Admissions Holds - Please contact to resolve the hold
2.      Student Account Holds - Please contact OSA, Office of Student Accounts, for payment instructions
  • you may also click the hold type in MyState, to visit Office webpages for more contact information.
3.      Veteran Holds & Assistance- Please contact -Thom Conner III, Certification Analyst (304- 204-4355) ) for special registration assistance for Veteran Students/Veteran Dependants  using GIBILL Benefits.

PERMISSION for closed courses and PREREQUISITE errors:

If restrictions refrain you from registering, students should seek permission outlined below and submit a digital add/drop form as noted above with comment concerning permission approval submitted. 
  • All Schedule requests must include course subject, number, CRN, and the requesting student’s I.D.- A-number.
1.      Closed Courses - Students can request entrance to closed courses to the course instructor.
  •    If Approved, the instructor must complete the appropriate Permission to Enroll form found on the Registrars page section: Faculty Forms & Resources web page. All forms must contain all signatures and be sent to by the last authorized signature.  

2.      Prerequisite Errors - Students can request an override for a prerequisite requirement to their academic advisor.
  •    If Approved, the advisor should follow the same step as outline above concerning closed courses: All required information and signatures sent by last authorized signator and sent to:

Registration PIN reset:

  • If your PIN is no longer working because of our academic policies, email your academic advisor and they will contact for a new PIN. The academic advisor will email you your new academic one-day PIN. (PIN Process is explained and linked at the AAC web page). 



O.S.A - Office of Student Accounts formally 'Cashier'
AAC -Academic Advising Center
Class Schedule Search 
Academic Calender


Office of the Registrar
West Virginia State University

For faculty or advisor contact information:
  • Department webpages are located under the Academic Degree website here

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