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Colin BoehmMeet Colin Boehm! He is a senior Math Education major from Portsmouth, Ohio. He is a member of the Yellow Jackets football team and Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education. He hopes to become a high school math teacher and a football coach. Currently, he is student teaching at George Washington High School in Charleston.


Here’s a little bit more about him:


Why did you choose your major? “I always wanted to go into teaching and math was a subject that has always been a passion of mine and I just wanted to help kids to find a reason to take math into their everyday life.”


Why did you choose WVSU? “Mostly football brought me here, but it was close to home and it was one of the few colleges I had visited that everyone on campus was super nice and genuine.”


What is the best part of WVSU, in your opinion? “Definitely the people and the experiences you can make with the people around you.”


What do you like to do in your free time? “Watch a lot of movies. My favorite is ‘Pulp Fiction.’”


Favorite class so far? “I took American History. It was very interesting to see a different outlook of history because there were some things you don’t get taught in high school and you don’t realize the reality of the history.”


What song would be playing if you started your car right now? “Probably anything from Tyler Childers.”

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