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Getting Started: Step by Step

SteP 1: Talk with your High School Counselor OR THE OFFICE OF ACADEMIC EDUcATIONAL OUTREACH 

You should meet with your high school counselor to ensure that Early Enrollment/Dual Credit courses are right for you. If you are interested in taking a 100% online course, reach out to for any questions you might have.

Step 2: Complete The Required Pre-Application Forms

The following items are required to be completed and received by the Office of Academic Educational Outreach (OAEO) before any student can be admitted and enrolled in their courses. If these ARE NOT received, the student will not be permitted to be enrolled in any courses. 
Information about both forms can be found below: 
  • Early Enrollment Permission Form
    • This form must be completed by the student, parent, and school designee. The school designee may be your counselor or a dual credit coordinator. 
  • FERPA Form
    • Information about FERPA - Once a student is accepted into the college, they become protected under the Family Educational Rights and Policy Act, also known as the Buckley Amendment, that was passed by Congress in 1974. It establishes rights for students regarding the privacy of educational records. This federal law applies to minors and adults. This means that WVSU staff cannot discuss or disclose specifics concerning any student to anyone without the FERPA form being on file with the Registrar's office. More information about FERPA can be found on our Office of Registrar's FERPA informational page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Academic Educational Outreach at or 304-766-3002.

STEP 3: Apply!

After confirming with your high school counselor that Early Enrollment/Dual Credit courses are right for you, you will need to apply to WVSU as an Early Enrollment student. The application is free, and can be completed HERE. 

If you need further assistance when applying, please check out our Step By Step Application Guide.

Applying is a cruicial first step in participating in the Early Enrollment/Dual Credit Program. If you do not apply to WVSU, we are unable to register you for courses or grant you credit. 

*Please note that if you have applied as an Early Enrollment Student before, you will not need to apply again.

Step 4: Review your admission letter

If admitted, you will receive a WVSU Early Enrollment admissions notification that your application has been accepted. Shortly after, you will receive an e-mailed letter that gives you all of your information for WVSU. This includes your unique id, WVSU email, and instructions on your next steps. 

Step 5: Enrollment Into Courses

Our office works with our partnering schools to complete the process to enroll students within their courses. Once enrolled, we send communication to our school contacts of when the courses begin and end, who the professor is, and when bills become available. 

Step 6: Billing and Payment for courses

The Office of Student Accounts handles all billing and payments for courses. Billing and payment for courses is available online. Information on this process is also sent to your official WVSU email. If you need an official billing statement, you may can contact the Office of Student Accounts. The steps below will give the most accurate information of reviewing your account and how to pay online:

From MyState:
1.       Sign in using the first part of your email address
2.       Password: if you cannot remember your password you can click on the "Forgot Username or Password?" and follow instructions to reset password.  
3.       Click on Student & Financial Aid
4.       Click on Student Records
5.       Click on Account Summary by Term
To make an online payment:
1.       Click on Account Summary
2.       Scroll to bottom and click on Credit Card payment option
3.       Put in the appropriate Term and Submit
4.       Follow payment instructions given

For further information on this process or any additional questions, this can be found on the Office of Student Account page

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