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Dear Yellow Jacket Family,
We are pleased to present to you the newly approved WVSU Strategic Plan, Future State. President Ericke Cage, recognizing the importance of an organization having common goals and objectives, initiated work on a strategic plan early in his presidency. This plan is the culmination of an almost year-long transparent process that involved input from hundreds of stakeholders. 
Future State​The final draft of this University wide plan was presented to the WVSU Board of Governors on Thursday, April 20, where it was adopted as the roadmap to support West Virginia State's path toward greater excellence, innovation, and progress over the next five years. To read the strategic plan, please click here, or click the image to the left. 
Your input is still needed, though, since this was just the first, critical step in the integrated planning process WVSU is following. This process will require all areas of the University to develop operating plans to support implementation of Future State. Please use the following link to share your comments by May 21. In particular, we are interested in your overall impression of Future State, as well as the key areas that you believe the operating plans should focus on as we continue the important work of implementing the pillars and objectives. 
Thank you to everyone who participated in this highly collaborative process. You have been a part of helping develop the framework for the University to move forward over the next five-year period. We look forward to sharing with you our successes in the coming months and years.
Go State! 
Your Strategic Plan Steering Committee




WVSU’s path forward must be informed by a comprehensive strategic plan that embraces the realities of the post-pandemic world. This work began over the summer of 2022 with a Strategic Planning Task Force created to develop a recommendation for President Ericke S. Cage.



  • Broad stakeholder involvement
  • Utilize focus groups, listening sessions, surveys, suggestion boxes
  • Commitment to Transparency
  • Review/update Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  • Identify pillars that will frame Strategic Plan that arise from Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  • Conduct environmental scan/SWOT Analysis
  • Develop Goals, Strategies, and Tactics for each pillar
  • Integrate Budget and Finance in whole process
  • Finalize University-wide Strategic Plan


  • Campus community and all our stakeholders will have to think differently
  • Each person will need to identify their part of the work of moving the University mission forward.
  • Strategic planning process will require courageous conversations from everyone.
  • Strategic planning will require everyone to get a plan that will make a meaningful difference.
  • Strategic Plan will be the foundation for moving the University forward.
  • Data from today, and future strategic planning efforts, will be compiled, shared with the University community, and archived.



West Virginia State University is a diverse, 1890 land-grant institution that advances knowledge through access and opportunity, innovative teaching and learning, interdisciplinary research, and impactful service. Our learners are equipped to meet the economic and social needs of the state, region, and nation, and contribute solutions to complex global challenges


A student centered, customer service driven, doctoral land-grant university that is grounded in its heritage as an HBCU and focused on its future as an inclusive institution of higher learning with nationally recognized faculty, academic programs, and research that supports the emerging needs of students, industry, and the state of West Virginia.


We put students first in everything we do.

We create a climate where all can bring their whole and authentic selves.

Gold Standard
We strive for excellence in all we do and say.

We commit to ethical behavior and full transparency with ourselves and our stakeholders.

We take responsibility for our actions individually and collectively.

We draw inspiration from collaborating with others and create space for curiosity and imagination.

We are agile, adapt to change, and rise above adversity. We have grit.


August 11—Launch with campus community
September 7—Consultant visit and stakeholder engagement
August-October—Data gathering from internal & external constituents. Includes focus groups, surveys, SWOT analysis
November—Goals established. Work on strategies and action plans continues
February 15—First draft completed. Feedback from President Cage, Board of Governors (BOG), and stakeholder groups
April 20—Final plan to BOG
April 20-May 31—Continue work on unit-level plans
June 15—Final, comprehensive plan to BOG



The Five Pillars
After analyzing the feedback from surveys and listening sessions, which included more than 600 people, our Strategic Plan Steering Committee has developed five pillars, or focus areas, for Future State. In order to develop the short-term and long-term strategies and tactics to enable our long-term sustainability and success, subcommittees have been formed, each led by a team of experienced and qualified faculty, staff, and administrators. 
The Five Pillars and Team Co-Chairs are:
1. Recruitment, Retention and Student Experience - WVSU seeks to grow its enrollment through the recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds and provides a rich, inclusive campus life and culture of care to support their engagement and success.
Co-Chairs: Nate Burton and Dr. Elisha Lewis
2. Academic Excellence, Research and Innovation - WSVU offers robust academic programs that reflect student interests, life skills, and workforce needs. Academic programs achieve excellence in teaching, scholarship and research leveraging nationally recognized faculty. 
Co-Chairs: Dr. Naveed Zaman, Dr. Leighann Davidson 
3. Financial Sustainability - WVSU stewards university resources to ensure financial stability and seeks funding from diverse revenue streams to strengthen economic prosperity for the campus and greater community. 
Co-Chairs: Justin McAllister, Dr. Ami Smith  
4. Operational Excellence - WVSU manages university operations, infrastructure, and business with transparency, integrity, and professionalism to support its mission. 
Co-Chairs: Clinton Arnold, Roy Simmons
5. Community Engagement and Partnerships - WVSU communicates effectively to enhance the university’s reputation and engages community partners to advance the mission of the university and strengthen the economic development and quality of life in the communities it serves. 
Co-Chairs: Trey Jones, Jack Bailey

As part of the strategic plan process, the committee is hosting a number of community listening sessions to gather feedback from business and community leaders, alumni and more. These listening sessions were conducted as follows:


Listening Session      Date  
Campus Kick-Off Session
Campus Listening Sessions
WVSU Foundation Board of Directors 9/16/2022
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Students 9/28/2022
1890 Scholarship Recipients 9/29/2022
College of Business and Social Sciences Advisory Board 10/5/2022
WVSU Board of Visitors 10/6/2022
College of Professional Studies 10/11/2022
Community Members 10/12/2022
College of Arts and Humanities Advisory Board 10/20/2022
Alumni-Local 10/24/2022
Business and Community Leaders 10/25/2022
Alumni (All)-Zoom 10/26/2022
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics- Advisory Board 10/28/2022
International Student Listening Sessions 11/1/2022
Putnam County Strategic Planning Listening Session 11/2/2022
Student Athlete Listening Sessions 11/4/2022
WVSU Strategic Plan Survey October 2022
West Virginia State University
2022 Strategic Planning Project:  Future State
Listening Session Attendees
Thank you to the following individuals who attended one or more listening sessions hosted by West Virginia State University as input was gathered for use in the upcoming, university-wide strategic plan, Future State.  A little over 300 stakeholders, many of whom have more than one affiliation with WVSU, attended at least one session.  The stakeholders represent students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators, community members, members of the Board of Governors, the Board of Visitors, the Board of the WVSU Foundation, and all four college Advisory Boards.
Addesa, Mark
Amarasingham, Vathani
Arnold, Clinton
Arnold, Trina
Ashbury, Madalynn
Bailey, Jack
Ball, Brooke
Bandara, Saman
Barnes - Pietruszynski, Jessica
Baron, Brooklyn
Bejou, Azam
Beltramino, Julieta
Benedito, Vagner
Bess, Reginald
Billups, Eric
Blackwell, Mickey
Blair, Danny
Blake, Elyjahwuan (Elyjah)
Booth, Kenneth
Bowles, Simuel
Boyden, Dennis
Boyden-McCormick, Doris
Bradley, Talisha
Broom, Olivia
Broughton, Robin
Brown, Danika
Bryant, Katie
Burton, Greg
Burton, Kim
Burton, Nate
Caley, Luke
Carney, Paige
Carpenter, Dayton
Carroll, Matt
Carter, Antonio
Carter, Daniel
Casey, Beth
Casey, Michael
Casto, Adrian
Casto, Teresa
Centreras, Avery
Chadband, Ameris
Champe, Amy
Cheng, Kevin
Clayborn, Ryleigh
Cloud, Josh
Clowser, Dale
Cobb, Kim
Codner, Alyssa
Cokeley, Bryan
Colder, Karl
Coleman, Matt
Coleman, Randall
Collins, Sean
Collins, Sean
Cooper, Bianca
Cooper, Johnny
Cooper, Kerri
Copenhaver, Caroline
Cordie, Caitlin
Craighead, Orlando
Cunningham, Amber
Das, Amartya
Davidson, Leighann
Davis, Ashlynne
Davis, Kim
Day, Malikah
Diehl, Megan
DiGregorio, Kevin
Dillow, Addi
Dixon, Zimron
Dorcas, Todd
Edwards, Heidi
Ejelonus, Akudo
Ellis-Williams, Tiffany
Fannin, Armond
Farris, John
Fawcett, Alice
Fields, Destiny
Fitchner, Zach
Fletcher, Brittany
Flowers, Michael
Fout, Hope
Fox, Sarah
Fox, Sarah
Fuller, Belinda
Fuller, Jerimah
Fuller, John
Fuller, Mark
Fultz, Michael
Gaunch, Ed
Gentry, Greer
George, Georgette
Geter, Eric
Geter, Jaylen
Ghareeb, Sami
Gilliland, Steve
Glance, Ashley Alford
Glover, Craig
Gobble, Autumn
Godby, Dena
Good, Lindsey
Goodwin, Kay
Grant, Derrick
Gray, Nada
Greg, Moe
Gutierrez, Paulo
Hackett, Marlene
Hailou, Frehot
Hall, Kadin
Hamrick, Mason
Hanna, Kylee
Hansbury Jones, Minnie
Haridari, Maya
Harpold, Mike
Harris, Michael
Hass, Amir
Haynes, Cheston
Hayslette, Joseph
Helmin, Kouri
Hensley, Jessica
Henson, Kaleb
Herrald, Jennifer
Herrick, Stacy
Higginbotham, Joshua
Hodges, Eden
Holtsclaw, Michael
Howard, Brenda
Howard, Britt
Hudkins, Christine
Hudson, Lloyd
Humphreys, James
Hunter, Emily
Idenyi, John
Irfan, Maria
Irving, Julian
Jackson, Eric
Jackson, Fern
Jackson, Fred
Jones, Minnie
Jones, Trey
Kahle, Travis 
Kassia Lilly
Kemplin, Casey
Kennedy, Valinda
Khan, Daniya
Kiddie, Tom
Kinder, Stanley
King, Betty
Labin, Zach
Ladner, Barbara
Lambert, Lena
Ledesma, Desirae
Lee, Mellow
Lewia, David
Lewis, Elisha
Lewis, Michael
Liedl, Barbara
Lilly, Melissa
Lobach, Augustinus
Loftis, Stephen
Lomax, Edward
Mahmoud, Eyas
Martin, Josh
Martin, Peri
McClanahan, PE
McClung, Sonja
McVey, Allan
Menendez Thomasson, Amanda
Miller, Amy
Miller, Meredith 
Minor, Amy
Minor, Julia
Moles, Ciera
Moore, Michael
Morant, Sydney
Mosley, Lisa
Mullins, Kayla
Mutepa, Raphael
Mwasambu, Ammy
Napper, Phil
Norris, Chase
Obare, Sherine
O'neal, Margaret
Owen, Dan
Palubinskas, Ginta
Parham-Bell, Carol
Parsons, Brenda 
Payne, Hannah
Peggs, Micah
Pennington, Michael
Pennington, Starr
Petersen, Dane
Pietruszynski, Jeff
Pitchford, Gail
Porter, Jasmine
Postalwait, Amy
Pressca, Justin
Preterotto, Grazile Crist
Price, Chris
Price, Crystal
Price, Nadia
Prince, Sydney
Purdy, Verl
Ranasinghe, Mahinda
Rawash, Maryam
Rectenwald, Christopher
Reesman, Pierce
Reid, William
Robbins, Gilbert
Robinson, Jewel
Rogers, Kellie
Rollins, Maycie
Rollins, Ricky
Rosier, David
Rowan, Austin 
Runyon, Zoe
Saffore, Lateef
Salser, Gina
Sanchez, Tina
Saxton, Hannah
Schedl, Andrew
Schmidt, Jamon
Schmitt, Alexandra
Schumann, Pat
Schumann, Pat
Scott, James
Sesay-Tuffour, Sheri
Settle, Aaron
Shellcoroft, Theresa
Shipman-McQueen, Camille
Shoemaker, Megan
Shriver, Hannah
Silber, Jessica
Simmons, Ray
Sipple, Brody
Sizemore, Mary
Skidmore, Andy
Slaughter, Diane
Smith, Ami
Smith, Dantrell
Southall, Helen
Sowell, Stacey
Spencer, Betty
Stanley, Kennedy
Starks, Brooklyn
Steele, Kerri
Stone, Logan
Stroupe, William
Stuart, Carolyn 
Suah, Lucina
Sullivan, Eva
Susman, Carol
Swails, Ylonne
Tabor, Robin
Tanner, Emmalee
Taylor Johnson, Carol
Taylor, Derek
Tenney, Morganne
Thomas, Cathey
Thompson, Jordan
Tillquist, Alan
Tolliver, Krystal
Tucker, Jakar
Tucker, Jonathan
Turner, Samia
Tylson, Natasha
Vadasz, Riley
Valdes, Americo
Waggoner, Eric
Walker, Christy
Walker, Crystal
Walker, Tyler
Wallace, Keo
Wallace, Rob
Ward, Tiffany
Waught, Emily
Weaver, Janesha
Welty, Robert K.
Westbrooks, Riley
Wheeler, Shwan
Wilkerson, Walter
Williams, Debbie
Wilson, Gregory
Wilson, Mark
Wilson, Pat
Wolford, Richard
Wood, Matt
Woodard, Scott
Woodward, Susan
Xie, Zhifang
Yost, William (Kurt)
Young, Bailey
Young, Heather
Young, Michael
Youngs, Stephanie
Zaman, Naveed
Zhang, Xiaohong

Members of the
STrategic Plan

Steering Committee


Ericke S. Cage

Ex Officio

Dr. Paige Carney
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ex Officio

Dr. Kerri Steele
Dean of Professional Studies
​Administrative Leadership

Debbie Williams

Dean, College of Business & Social Sciences


Pat Schumann

Vice President for University Advancement


Clinton Arnold

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Jack Bailey

Assistant Vice President for University Relations

Dr. Jessica Barnes-Pietruszynski

Faculty Senate Chair

Nate Burton

Athletic Director

Dr. Sean Collins
Professor and Chair of Biology

Dr. Elisha Lewis

Assistant Professor of Education

Justin McAllister

Vice President for Business & Finance

Micah Peggs

Theater Facilities Supervisor
Staff Representative

Dr. Michael Pennington
Director, MPA Program

Gail Pitchford

Board of Governors

Maryam Rawash

Student Government Association President

Dr. Ami Smith

Vice President and Dean & Director for
Agricultural Research & Extension


Dr. Stacey Sowell

Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

Dr. Robert Wallace
Dean, College of Arts & Humanities

Matt Wood

IT Network Manger

Dr. Naveed Zaman
Dean, College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Derrick Grant

National Alumni Association Representative

Dr. Sami Ghareeb

Chair, WVSU Foundation


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