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Sexual or Gender-Based Discrimination, Harassment or Misconduct

If you believe you or anyone else is in immediate risk to health or safety, call 911 or WVSU Public Safety at 304-766-3181.

As members of the Yellow Jacket Nation, faculty and staff have a responsibility to report behaviors that potentially constitute sexual or gender-based discrimination, harassment or misconduct. In addition, we encourage any person who becomes aware of such behaviors to utilize this form to notify the University. 

Individuals should submit this form when they become aware, directly or indirectly, of an incident in which the victim or the offender is a WVSU student, faculty, or staff. Information provided may be from personal observation, a verbal or written report from a victim, or a verbal or written report through a third party who either observed or became aware of the incident. 

Even if one is unsure if a specific behavior constitutes a violation, or even whether or not the alleged offender is a University student, faculty, or staff, they are encouraged to complete the form and provide the information anyway.

Once the form is submitted, it will be sent to the Title IX Office for review and appropriate response.

Background Information


Involved Parties

Please list all of the individuals involved including as many of the listed fields as you can provide.
Please check all behaviors alleged to have occurred:

Supporting Documentation

Please attach any supporting documentation, if applicable.

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