Yellow Jackets CyberDefender Camp

Monday, July 24-29  6 Days  9:00 AM (Check in starts at 8 AM)-5:00 PM West Virginia State University Campus Wallace Hall
Hannah Payne 304-553-8218




At this week-long cybersecurity-themed camp, students will learn about security principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability, be able to distinguish types of malware and attacks, apply tools and techniques for vulnerability assessment, implement host security, explain the security function and purpose of network devices and technologies, identify types of authentication and perform basic configuration and distinguish types of cryptography and their uses. This camp will include hands-on labs, introduction to security, basic Linux commands, introduction to the national collegiate cyber defense competition (CCDC), and CCDC preparation. Students who complete the program will earn a spot on The Stinger Squad and will be recognized during the closing ceremony.


WVSU Extension 
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