Marcellus Shale

Thursday, April 20    12:30 - 1:00 Davis Fine Arts
R. Wolfe (304) 741-0925


Play Preview


Marcellus Shale is a play written by famed NYC Theatre Company the Talking Band members Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow. The play was inspired by firsthand experience Zimet and Maddow had with the impact of fracking on their upstate New York community in 2013. 

This excerpt of Marcellus Shale will accompany a short discussion of the play-making process of Talking Band. The play will be performed in its entirety at the Alban Theater, April 21 & 22. Call (304) 721-4174 for information.

Critic and activist Andy Horowitz writes of the play:
“The play offers a nuanced and thoughtful exploration of this divisive and contentious issue. The opposing views of a spectrum of characters – a veteran with PTSD, local farmers who sold their rights, and those who refused, women ‘Prayer Warriors’ from the local church, spectral ‘Men In Suits’, Occupy Wall Street-style radicals – all are given equal weight and complexity. The story is told in such a way that each character has respect and dignity; they struggle to maintain their human connections even as they hold ideologically irreconcilable positions.”


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