Black History Month Convocation

Thursday, February 16    12:30-1:45 PM Ferrell Auditorium
D. Wolfe (304) 741-0925


Michael Eric Dyson, Keynote Speaker


Michael Eric Dyson is a well-known author and political analyst. As a professor of sociology at Georgetown University, he bridges gaps between generations by connecting civil rights identity to hip-hop culture. As a cutting edge historian, he educates the general public on the significance of hip hop, not only in understanding the black community, but general American culture, as well. Dr. Dyson is also an ordained Baptist minister. With his powerful voice, he reaches beyond race, addressing the universal commonality of American concern.
Dr. Dyson’s book, Tears We Cannot Stop, a call for greater effort from White America in the struggle for racial harmony, was published in January, 2017. A book signing will take place at Ferrell Hall, first floor, following the convocation. Free and open to the public.


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