Britain Thanks Rosie the Riveters At WVSU


          Rosie the Riveter was the name coined for women who went to work during World War II in factories and manufacturing plants that produced munitions and other war supplies.  These women took entirely new jobs replacing male workers who were in the military.  Some chose to stay in their non-traditional roles following the war.  They spurred vast changes in the workforce and fostered a heightened sense of independence among women.

          During this event, some of the American "Rosies" will tell their own stories and how they are now involved in directing their own legacy.  Royal British Navy Commander (Ret'd), Ceryl Johns will show their work quality by restoring an abandoned Corsair. British Attaché Major Anna C. Janes will officially thank the women for their work then and now.

          The event is sponsored by the non-profit organization Thanks! Plain and Simple,   an organization devoted to unifying the people of West Virginia around the wellbeing of soldiers and veterans and to guide veterans to contribute at home.  It is developing a model for other communities to follow and adapt to honor "Rosie the Riveters."

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