American Criminal Justice Association Homeland Security Regional Conference To Be Held at WVSU


          The three-day event centers around a series of sessions and competitions. A firearms competition will take place at the WV State Police Academy. On the campus, participants can take part in a crime scene competition to determine which working team can correctly solve a mock crime. A physical agility competition will be held on Saturday on the WVSU tennis courts. There will also be written criminal justice exams where the top scorers will be recognized for their knowledge of the subject.

          Information sessions will be held on the topic of Homeland Security. Former State Police Superintendent Tom Kirk, head West Virginia's Fusion Center, will speak about the work of the Center at a 3 p.m. session on October 21. Fusion Centers were created as a clearinghouse for information that may indicate a threat to national security. They assess the information and then contact the proper agencies.

          The culmination will be an awards dinner at 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 23, where trophies will be awarded to the top scorers on the tests and in the competitions. Categories will include upper- and lower-level student as well as professional.

         The conference is being coordinated by WVSU criminal justice students with the guidance of their professors. Sessions will be held in the Wilson University Union unless otherwise noted.

          For additional information contact Bill Whyte, assistant professor of criminal justice, at 304-766-3311.






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