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NBUT Joint Dual-Degree program

Group of WVSU and NBUT administration and faculty members at WVSU.

The NBUT Dual-Degree Program is a collaborative program between Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT) and West Virginia State University.



Established by NBUT and WVSU in 2017, this 4-year program was developed specifically for NBUT students. Students in the program complete a curriculum which includes a combination of general education and core courses in information and computer science, taught by faculty from both universities. Upon completion, students of NBUT obtain two degrees, conferred by both WVSU and NBUT.

Our Team

Dr. Naveed
Dr. Naveed Zaman
College Dean, NBUT Program Director
(304) 766-4248
Dr. Xiaohong
Dr. Xiaohong Zhang
Professor, NBUT Program Coordinator
(304) 766-3398
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