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The WVSU Research and Development Corporation was established as the fiscal agent of the University to allow greater flexibility in managing federal, state and private foundation grant funds and to facilitate utilization of grant funds in contracting for research support and public service activities. 

The Corporation is a legal entity, sanctioned by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3) foundation and authorized under Senate Bill 520. The Board of the Corporation is composed of faculty, staff and administrators of the University, as appointed by the President.  

The Corporation manages more than 200 active projects and grants.

Employment Opportunities

The positions listed here are for the WVSU R&D Corp. only. For a full list of employment opportunities at WVSU, see the Job Listings page. 

Note: Applicants must complete the Voluntary Self-Identification Form and attach it to the submission packet when applying for any WVSU R&D Corp. employment opportunity.

Extension Agent/Educator, Workforce Development​
Extension Agent , Agriculture and Natural Resources
STEM Educator​
Retention Specialist
4H- Extension Educator
Bioenergy Research Associate
Assistant Program Director, Communities and Families      
Plant Biotechnology Research Technician
EFNEP Youth Associate
Agent Educator
Microbiology Research Technician
Extension Agent/Educator, Community and Economic Development in Montgomery/Smithers
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Our Team

Brunetta Gamble-Dillard
Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
(304) 766-4133
Stephen Seitz
Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
(304) 204-4323
Carolyn Alley
Accounts Specialist II
(304) 204-4307
Carla Boggess
Director of Payroll Benefits
(304) 766-4278
Tess King
Receptionist/Office Administrator
(304) 204-4306
Leandra Samms
Accounts Payable Specialist I
(304) 204-4313
David Stone
Budget Officer
(304) 766-4258
Reasonable accommodations will be made to provide this content into reasonable alternate accessible formats upon request. Please contact our offices at (304) 204-4306 or

West Virginia State University Research and Development Corporation is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or veteran status in any of its programs or activities. 
WVSU Research and Development Corporation

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