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Each year, hundreds of students transfer to WVSU from across the United States and other countries. They are attracted by WVSU's personal approach to the admission process and their education.

Prior to admission, official transcripts of all previously attempted college-level work must be received. Transfer applicants with fewer than 30 semester hours of college credit also must submit an official high school transcript or GED and an ACT or SAT score. (NOTE: If English 101 and 102 or their equivalents have not been completed in the first 60 credit hours, the student must enroll in English 101/102 the first semester of enrollment at WVSU.) Not more than 72 credit hours may be accepted and applied toward graduation from any combination of community and junior college credit hours. Transfer applicants must be eligible to return to the last institution they attended to be admissible to West Virginia State University.

Transfer students without complete documentation may be admitted provisionally. When the records arrive, if they indicate the student does not meet regular admissions standards, the registration will be canceled or the conditions of probation applied.

Transfer students who do not have a C average may be admitted if they are eligible to return to their former institution, are deficient no more than 17 quality points, and accept the following provisions of a probation agreement:
  1. Must make progress toward a C average each semester
  2. Must enroll for no more than 12 hours each semester while on academic probation
  3. Must achieve a C average by the end of the third semester at West Virginia State University.
In order to receive a degree from West Virginia State University, baccalaureate transfer students must complete the last 30 hours at West Virginia State University. Associate degree students must complete the last 15 hours at West Virginia State University.

Transcript Evaluation Procedure

Submission of a transcript(s) and subsequent acceptance to West Virginia State University does not automatically result in a course equivalency evaluation. The student must request the evaluation. The process of obtaining such an evaluation will depend upon which one of the following three categories pertains to the individual student:
  • Students majoring in some field of education and transferring to West Virginia State University should contact the chair of the Education Department (Wallace Hall, Room 627)
  • Students transferring to West Virginia State University who have not earned a B.A. or B.S. degree at another institution should contact the Registrar (Ferrell Hall, Room 127)
  • Students who have earned a bachelor's degree and wish to work toward a second bachelor's degree should contact the department chair of the subject area in which they wish to earn a second degree.
Students who transfer to West Virginia State University must fulfill the requirements of the curriculum they select. If courses completed at other accredited institutions correspond to the content of courses in the curriculum, they will meet curriculum requirements. Sometimes closely related courses are substituted for curriculum requirements. Often courses may be used as electives if they do not meet other degree requirements.
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