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The James C. Wilson University Union, through facilities and programs, is the focal point of the campus where students, faculty, administration, staff, alumni, and guests develop an enduring connection to West Virginia State University.  As a campus community center, the Union assists in the development and retention of students, while allowing for understanding and appreciation of cultural pluralism and ethnic diversity.  As a bridge between formal learning and life experience, co-curricular activities, coordinated by the Union components, serve as a training ground for the development of future leaders while enhancing an appreciation for responsibility.

Every member of the institution is a potential patron of the University Union programs, services, and various operations.  It is the goal of the University Union to meet the diverse needs of the institution and community, to be receptive to and responsive to changing needs, and encourage the institution and community to utilize the programs and services available to them through the University Union.

A Great Place for Great People!
image-up-arrowimage-down-arrowStudent Activities & Intramural Sports
The Office of Student Activities provides a variety of cultural, social, educational and recreational activities that create an environment conducive to personal growth and development. These activities also provide students with employment and leadership opportunities that yield an agenda of events intended to promote interaction as well as relaxation, entertainment and social opportunities.
The Intramural Sports Program at West Virginia State University provides athletic opportunities to students regardless of ability. Open to both resident and non-resident students with an interest in physical activity, intramural sports fosters a sense of teammwork, collaboration and wellness through physical activity. For information about current and upcoming offerings, contact Chris Jackson, Student Activities Program Coordinator, at (304) 766-3107 or

Current Offerings

Basketball: March-May 2015

Team Roster
No additions can be made to team rosters after March 31.

Team 1: Austin Coleman, Devon Stevison, Denier Fitch, Corinthian Carson, Tray Patterson, Lexy Carson, Damion Harris
Team 2: Luke Miller, Azel Bolden, Garret Underwood, Antoine Karrah, Jason Emerson, Bo King, Dallas King
Team 3: Wilson Fitzgerald, Aaron Thompkins, Derrick McKinney, Seth Ritchie, DeAndre Parker, Tyrone Hairston, Kole Patterson, Joseph Cook
Team 4: Shane Jeffries, Isaac Cosby, Devonyet Harris, Sam Neff, Dominic Orcutt, Michael Cain, Angelo Sirianni
Team 5: Mark Guerin, William Merritt, Robert Shannon, Robert Turbeville, Robert Wright, Ray Mais, Awwal Reid, Eric Bailey, Damien Tunstalle, Gordon (Black), Tevin Brown
Team 6: Hosea Murphy, Rodney Shell, Sherman Bernett, Austin Coleman, Adam Jones, Kyalo Brudford
Team 7: Sam Schoolcraft, Bret Rorabaugh, Nyheem Robinson, Josh Blackwell, Marshall Tully, Isaac Hanshaw, David Harmon, Dylan Lester, Zach Moore, Ben Chanen

Upcoming Games:
Team 2 vs. Team 5 - May 28th at 9 p.m. CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

NOTE: The championship game is double elimination. If Team 5 were to lose at 9 p.m. then we will play another game directly after since they have no losses. Team 2 must beat Team 5 two times in a row to be crowned champions.

Final Season Statistics: 
  Team Name Games Avg. Pts.
1 2 Jason Emerson 5 33.0 165
2 3 Joseph Cook 1 25.0 25
3 4 Angelo Sirianni 2 23.0 46
4 5 Eric Bailey 1 19.0 19
5 5 Awwal Reid 3 18.0 54
6 1 Damion Harris 2 17.0 34
  6 Adam Jones 2 17.0 34
8 2 Bo King 4 16.5 66
  7 Dylan Lester 1 16.0 16
10 1 Corinthian Carson 5 15.8 79
11 7 Sam Schoolcraft 2 14.0 28
  7 Justin Harmon 1 14.0 14
13 5 Robert Turbeville 4 13.0 52
  2 Dallas King 3 13.0 39
  1 Tray Patterson 5 13.0 65

Highest Scoring Games:
45 - Jason Emerson
39 - Jason Emerson
36 - Jason Emerson
33 - Jason Emerson
29 - Bo King
26 - Angelo Sirianni

  Wins Losses
Team 5 4 0
Team 2 3 2
Team 1 3 2
Team 6 1 2
Team 4 1 2
Team 3 0 2
Team 7 0 2
image-up-arrowimage-down-arrowStudent Employee Program
The James C. Wilson University Union is the heart of campus activities and an important link between the University and the surrounding community. As a student employee of the University Union, you play an important role in representing West Virginia State and its programs to our patrons. You are in a unique position to stay informed about events and activities on campus, meet student and administrative leaders and faculty members, influence the direction of student-led programs, shape the quality of student life on campus, and help mold State’s image among those who are visiting and inquiring about our campus.

The University Union Student Employee Program provides for on-campus employment, avenues for professional and personal growth, and vehicles for developing leadership skills among West Virginia State students. It augments classroom learning with intrapersonal skills. Students, as a result, have the opportunity to make greater contributions to the college community and become more responsible citizens.

Diversity Philosophy
To foster an environment that values cultures and lifestyles, the University Union is committed to actively combating bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, harassment, or any other force that seeks to suppress another individual or group.

To this end, it is the philosophy of the University Union that staff should not engage in any type of activity that colludes or perpetuates bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, harassment. Such activity includes, but is not limited to, the use of jokes, insults, gossip, and non-inclusive language aimed at different cultures or lifestyles and any practice of discrimination that affects this philosophy. Further, staff should challenge themselves, all students, and co-workers to be open to and supportive of this philosophy.

Hiring Periods
The University Union holds two major hiring campaigns. Applications are accepted and processed in April for positions beginning in the Fall and in November for positions beginning in the Spring. Summer positions are automatically staffed by current employees.

  • Be able to work independently and take initiative.
  • Be able to work with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Be able to communicate ideas clearly, both oral and written
  • Be able to learn quickly
  • Have knowledge
  • Extra income
  • Personal and professional training
  • Convenience of working on campus
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Increased knowledge of University resources
  • Opportunities to network with faculty, staff, and other students
  • Opportunities to work with or meet people of different backgrounds
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • Lagniappe Awards
  • Employee of the Semester
  • Employee of the Year


Positions Available
Information Desk Receptionist
The Information Desk Receptionist is often the initial contact with the building users and the public and, as such, represents State and the University Union. This requires a courteous, professional approach when dealing with the public. The Information Desk Receptionist answers questions, distributes materials, directs phone calls, and manages the approval of flyers and banners when required.

Fitness Center and Gameroom Attendant
The Fitness Center & Gameroom is a revenue generating area with ellipiticals, treadmills, stairmasters, stationary bikes, and a variety of plate loading and selcetorized equipment along with billiard, table tennis, foosball, and air hockey tables. The Gameroom Attendant oversees the management of this operation, distributes playing equipment, executes cash transactions, and enforces membership policies.

Office Assistant
Office Assistants can work for any one of the staff members of the University Union. Office Assistants aide those staff members with daily activities and may, at times, actually fill in for at meetings or appointments for the staff member. A complete job description and qualifications may be obtained from the staff member.

Student Manager
The Student Manager is responsible for night and weekend management of the approximately 30,000 sq. ft. University Union ensures that it and all its operations are being used effectively. The operation of the University Union will be judged by the Student Manager's attitude and actions because of their direct contact with all members of the university that will use the Union. They supervise each of the following positions and assist in training , hiring, and scheduling them.

Our Team

Mr. Christopher
Mr. Christopher  Jackson
Student Activities Coordinator
Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee Tabor
University Union Program Coordinator
WVSU Student Life and Engagement

During academic semesters
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 10 p.m.
9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

During breaks and holidays
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

The University Union closes for the entire week of Thanksgiving and for approximately two weeks around the Christmas holiday.  The Union re-opens on Jan. 2, or the Monday after if on the weekend.


Bookstore - (304) 766-3352
Fitness Center - (304) 766-3174
Food Services - (304) 766-3359
Gameroom - (304) 766-3174
Health Center - (304) 766-3323
Information Center - (304) 766-3378
Radio Station - (304) 766-4170
Room Reservations - (304) 766-3288
SGA - (304) 766-3122
Student Activities - (304) 766-3288

Rooms & Event Scheduling
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