Marc Porter, Ph.D.

Dr. Marc Porter is professor of Communications and Media Studies.  He earned the MFA in Film from Columbia University, NY, and the PhD, MS, and BA degrees from Indiana University, Bloomington.  Dr. Porter teaches Media Design, Film History and Film Theory in the Media Studies graduate program.  He has taught at Indiana University, Bloomington; Brooklyn College; University of South Alabama; Deutsche Film –und Fernsehakademie, Berlin, Germany; and screenwriting workshops in New Orleans, LA, and Mobile, AL.  His documentary films have been screened by invitation in the New Orleans Film Festival, the Mobile Art Museum Festival, the Festival del la Louisiane, Niort, France, and the West Virginia Cultural Center.  A feature-length narrative screenplay was read by invitation at the Annual Conference of the University Film and Video Association, University of South Carolina - Columbia.  Dr. Porter has been variously writer, producer, director, cameraperson, and editor of more than 35 short documentary, educational, and narrative films and videos.  He has been invited to present scholarship or serve as moderator for more than 36 academic and professional conferences.  Dr. Porter’s most recent research and scholarly presentations focus on warrior women and female vampires in myth, popular culture and film.
Marc Porter, Ph.D.
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