Gurupdesh Pandher

Dr. Pandher is Professor of Finance and Dean of the College of Business & Social Sciences at West Virginia State University (among the two land grant institutions in WV).  He was Professor at the University of Windsor and was previously Associate Professor with the University of British Columbia (2007-2012) and with DePaul University (Chicago, 1999-2007).  He has nine years of academic leadership and administrative experience as Dean and Senior Associate Dean responsible for faculty administration, AACSB accreditation, new program development and School development and representation activities and previously as Graduate Coordinator (2009-12) responsible for managing and developing graduate programs at UBC's Faculty of Management.  

He has taught in international business programs in the US, Canada and Asia and has held visiting positions at the University of Maryland, University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.  He has received multiple SSHRC research grants (e.g., 2012-2015, 2016-19) and his work has been covered by the Globe & Mail and Business New Daily.

In addition to academic experience, Dr. Pandher also has over 10 years of professional and consulting experience with organizations including Sunlife Insurance Company, Statistics Canada, IMF, World Bank, Arthur Andersen, Deloitte, Precision Economics, FinancialCad and others (he held a Consulting Manager position with Andersen and Deloitte in Chicago).

Dr. Pandher's multidisciplinary research has been published in broad set of top and reputed journals including AMLE; Econometric Theory; Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice; Journal of Banking & Finance; Journal of Derivatives; Journal of Economic Theory; Journal of Forecasting, International Statistical Review; Real Estate Economics; Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal; Strategic Management Journal and Quantitative Finance.  Over past eight years, 5 of his 9 publications are in FT-50 journals.  Over an nineteen year academic career, 16 of 20 publications are in journals classified as “A*” or “A” by ABDC  (and among “top 10% of Authors on SSRN”).  

Journal Publications
Pandher, G.S. (2020), “The Performance of Venture Investments: Failure Risk, Valuation Uncertainty & Venture Characteristics”, forthcoming in Quantitative Finance. [ABDC:“A”]
Currie, R., Pandher, G.S. (2019), “Finance Journal Rankings: Active Scholar Assessment Revisited”, Journal of Banking and Finance, 111, 105-17.  [ABDC:“A*”]
Pandher, G.S. (2018), “Financier Search and Boundaries of the Angel and VC Markets”, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 43(6), 1223-1249.  [ABDC:“A*”, FT-50]
*Pandher, G.S., Vu, J. (2017), “Spillovers, Cooperation & Managerial Incentives in Multidivisional Firms”, International Review of Economics & Finance, 54, 44-54. [ABDC:“A”]
*Pandher, G.S., Mutlu, S., Sammani, A. (2016), “Employee-based Innovation in Organizations: Overcoming Strategic Risks from Opportunism & Governance”, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 11, 4, 464–482. [ABDC:“A*”, FT-50]
Oxley, J., Pandher, G.S. (2015), “Equity-based Incentives and Collaboration in Multi-business Firms”, Strategic Management Journal, 37, 7, 1379–1394.  [ABDC:“A*”, FT-50]
 *Currie, R., Wesley, F., Pandher, G.S. (2014), “Contextualising Site Factors for Feasibility Analysis”, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 57, 10, 1484-1496. [ABDC:“B”]
*Pandher, G.S., Currie, R.  (2013), “CEO Compensation: A Stakeholder-Bargaining Perspective of the Resource Advantage”, Strategic Management Journal, 34, 1, 22-41. [ABDC:“A*”, FT-50]
Currie, R., Pandher, G.S. (2012), “Management Education Journals’ Rank and Tier by Active Scholars”, Academy of Management, Learning and Education, 12, 2, 194-218.  [ABDC:“A*”, FT-50]
Currie, R., Pandher, G.S. (2011), “Finance Journal Rankings & Tiers: An Active Scholar Assessment Methodology”, Journal of Banking & Finance, 35, 1, 7-20. [ABDC:“A*”]
Miller, N., G.S. Pandher (2008), “Idiosyncratic Risk and the Housing Market”, Journal of Housing Research, 17, 13-32. [ABDC:“B”]
Pandher, G.S. (2007), “No-Arbitrage Valuation of Interest Rate Securities under HJM Forward-rates with Speed & Acceleration Diffusions”, Journal of Economic Theory, 137,432-459. [ABDC:“A*”]
Pandher, G.S. (2007), “Regression-based Modeling of Market Option Prices: with Application to S&P500 Options”, Journal of Forecasting, 26, 7, 475-496. [ABDC:“A”]       
Pandher, G.S. (2007), “Modeling and Controlling Monetary & Economic Identities with Constrained State-Space Models”, International Statistics Review, 75, 2, 150-169. [ABDC:“A”]       
Cannon, S., Miller, N., G.S. Pandher (2006), “Risk and Return in the U.S. Housing Market: A Cross-sectional Asset-Pricing Approach”, Real Estate Economics, 34, 4, 519-552.  [ABDC:“A”] 
Pandher, G.S. (2003), “Valuation of Executive Stock Options under Multiple Severance Risks”, Journal of Derivatives, 11, 2, 25-37. [ABDC:“A”] 
Pandher, G.S. (2002), “Forecasting Multivariate Time Series with Linear Restrictions using Constrained Structural State Space Models”, Journal of Forecasting, 21, 281-300. [ABDC:“A”] 
Pandher, G.S. (2001), “Estimation of Security Excess Returns from Derivative Prices& Testing for Risk-Neutral Pricing”, Econometric Theory, 17, 785-819.  [ABDC:“A*”]         
Pandher, G.S. (2000), “Drift Estimation of Generalized Security Price Processes from High Frequency Derivative Prices”, Review of Derivatives Research, 4, 263-284.  [ABDC:“B”] 
Pandher, G.S. (1996), “Skewed Survey Populations: Optimal Sample Redesign under the Generalized Regression Estimator with Application to the Government Finance Survey”, Survey Methodology, 22, 13-22.
Gurupdesh Pandher
Dean for the College
110 Hill Hall
Phone: (304) 766-3025
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