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Voluntary Separation plan (VSP)

Dear West Virginia State University Employee, 

West Virginia State University is working to realign expenses and implement strategic budget initiatives. The University is pleased to announce a one-time opportunity in 2021! Beginning February 8, 2021, West Virginia State University is offering a one-time Voluntary Separation Plan (VSP).  Eligible employees may request to separate from the University and receive up to 100% of one year’s salary, gross wages less required withholdings, paid over two (2) years in 52 installments.
This plan was approved by the West Virginia Legislative Joint Committee on Pensions and Retirement on January 12, 2021. Based on the eligibility requirements provided in the approved plan, not all employees will receive a notice of this voluntary plan. Eligibility was determined through a calculation of years of service plus age.
Your participation in this plan is entirely voluntary. You are not required to participate in this plan.
This communication is not an indication you are eligible for the plan.
Your eligibility for the Voluntary Separation Plan does not mean you will be accepted into the Plan.
If you wish to be considered to participate in the Plan, employees must complete an Intention to Participate Form and return it to the Human Resources Department by February 22, 2021 at 4:00 PM or VSP2021@wvstateu.edu.
The HR team, Benefits, and Payroll team have prepared Frequently Asked Questions to assist you, please click here to view the FAQs.

If you have questions please email VSP2021@wvstateu.edu.

Please click here for the Voluntary Separation Plan timeline.
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