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It’s important to stay connected while working from home. One way you can stay connected is by recognizing your colleagues for the great work they’re doing in spite of the challenges posed by the Coronavirus crisis. Compliment a Colleague is an online recognition program, sponsored by the Department of Human Resources, that provides you the opportunity to anonymously recognize a fellow colleague or department with a virtual pat on the back, a thank you or a simple “job well-done” message.

To recognize a colleague or department, please complete the form located on this page. Information may be edited for clarity and consistency. Please be aware that it may take anywhere between 24-48 hours for your compliment to appear. 


Dr. Kiddie has worked tirelessly to make sure all classes could be moved online. He coordinated and organized all of the technical aspects of the transition and spent weeks helping faculty through instruction and moving materials online. No one on earth could have done a better job getting the University through this time!

Brenda Parsons - SOCIAL & BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES / ENGLISH / MFL (5/12/2020)
Brenda goes beyond her position to help out anyone in need. Whether you are new staff with a million questions, a student looking for assistance, or a department in need, Brenda can always be counted on.

Sean McAndrews - ATHLETICS (5/12/2020)
During this difficult time, McAndrews has been in his office staying on top of all news pertinent to our staff and for our incoming / returning student athletes. His dedication is very much appreciated by us who are vulnerable or feel safer working from home . His dedication does not go unnoticed by his coworkers. Need to know anything related to sports, ask McAndrews.

Kellie goes above and beyond for the students at WVSU. She has found a way to do personal counseling for our students even during these trying times. Kellie has a way of making each student feel special and wanted.

Jameelah Means - ADMISSIONS (5/11/2020)
Jameelah goes beyond what is required in her position by making sure that each new student is given all opportunities to succeed.

Yvette Underdue Murph - ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT & STUDENT AFFAIRS  (5/11/2020)
During the Pandemic I saw Dr. YUM at work every day. Even though I didn't see her personally each day I knew she was there. Dr. YUM makes sure that she recognizes each of her staffs important events in their lives. Dr. YUM tries to motivate and encourage her staff. Dr. YUM wants the best for us and wants us to have equipment that aides in our work place duties. She cares!

Justin Cherry - HUMAN RESOURCES (5/11/2020)
Justin has always been available. His presence in HR has made a tremendous impact.

Ryan Kendrick - REGISTRATION (5/11/2020)
Ryan has stayed on top of things. His prompt responses and clear communication has been very helpful.

Stephen Seitz​ - WVSU R&D (5/11/2020)
He is always professional regardless of what is going on. He is always willing to help and work out issues the face are facing.

Jeanie Sutphin​ - EXTENSION (5/11/2020)
A dear lady, who is always willing to give a patient ear and kind support to everyone. She is a good woman and organized assistant who keeps everything running smoothly.

Hannah Payne - CASTEM (5/11/2020)
She is a good person, supporting us to do good things in trying times.

If a colleague (or department) goes the extra mile, let them know you appreciate it. 

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