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Welcome to the division of
Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs has a team of dedicated enrollment management professionals and student affairs educators working with one common purpose to promote the academic, personal and professional development of our students and inspire them to be responsible citizens and leaders on-campus and in their communities.

Our Mission
The mission of the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs is to enhance the engagement, development, and success of students through comprehensive, intentional, and  student-centered programs, essential services, and sustainable infrastructures.  We accomplish this with a commitment to growth and development of students and staff while living our values of leadership, professionalism, inclusiveness, and collaboration.
Our Vision
The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs aspires to ignite innovative and collaborative student-centered programs, holistic educational environments, and diverse engagement opportunities that challenges our students along their transformational journey to achieve academic excellence, contribute to our intercultural society, and attain career success.

Our Values

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs prides itself on how we answer to each other and our partners for the quality of the service and information we deliver to our students, colleagues, and the WVSU community.  Our nine core values are what we revere as we work to achieve our mission and vision.


Collaboration Diversity and Inclusion Empowerment
We create and engage in sustainable partnerships with our campus colleagues and stakeholders that is designed to contribute, enhance, and support our students and the university community.
We appreciate, respect, and incorporate in our work the unique perspectives, broad experiences, and contributions of individuals and cultures.

We provide students and colleagues with the best tools and guidance we can, so they can be successful and make knowledgeable decisions.

Integrated Data-Driven
Decision Making
Integrity Lifelong Learning
We guide best practices, and inform divisional policy through the quality collection, analysis, interpretation, and application of student recruitment, admit, enrollment and retention data.

We approach our work with professionalism and ethical standards.  We aspire to consistently provide quality service, apply best practices, and promote a culture of excellence and accountability for student success.
We model and inspire a commitment to lifelong learning with the students we serve. We are holistic in our approach with students, interested not only in their academic success, but also their personal development.

Passion Professional Development Student-Centeredness
We believe in a vibrant passion for serving students is critical for both student and divisional success.

We encourage and facilitate continuous learning, training, and talent identification among our staff.

We espouse that students are central to our mission. We are committed to our students' well-being, holistic learning, development, and success.



 Joseph R. Oden, Jr.
Assistant Vice President
Enrollment Management & Student Affairs


Rhonda Brogan

Executive Administrative Assistant
Enrollment Management & Student Affairs



Rebecca Taylor
Enrollment Management Data Analyst
Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

(304) 766-4189

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