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Continuing, returning (readmitted), and transfer students should register online at www.wvstateu.edu.  Transient students (or their representatives) must register in person at the Office of Registration and Records in 128 Ferrell Hall.

Online Registration for Spring Semester 2012 will take place October 31-January 11 and January 13-18.   Following the initial sequence of assigned registration slots October 31-November 11, open registration will begin on November 14. 

 In order to register online for Spring Semester 2012, a student must be fully admitted and have seen an academic advisor and received a registration PIN.  Registration PINs are semester specific—you need to obtain a new one from your academic advisor each semester.  If you have not seen your advisor, do so immediately.  Registration slots are assigned on a priority basis according to classification: students who do not see their advisors until after registration begins may miss their primary registration slots.

 1.         If you have not seen your advisor, contact the office of your department or programimmediatelyto determine whether they have your Registration PIN.  If theydo nothave your registration PIN number,contact the College Office of your major department to see where your PIN number has been sent.  

             College of Arts & Humanities                        201 Davis Fine Arts    304-766-3196  

            College of Business & Social Sciences           112 Hill Hall               304-766-3065

            College of Natural Science & Mathematics    101 Hamblin Hall        304-766-3102

            College of Professional Studies                      520 Wallace Hall         304-766-3081

 2.         Once you have determined that your department has your Registration PIN, see your advisor to review your course needs.  At the end of your advising session, you will be given your Registration PIN and registration time slots.

 3.         When you have obtained your Registration PIN, prepare a worksheet which contains

             a.         your LDAP ID (A#) and LDAP Password (the numbers used to access MyState)

            b.         your Registration PIN for the upcoming term

c.         the index numbers (the 4-digit CRN) for all of the classes you intend to take

d.         index numbers for alternative classes 

 4.         With this worksheet in hand, proceed to register online using MyState.

 5.         Print out a copy of your schedule for your records.

 Important:  When you register online you will have15 minutesto complete your registration—the system will end your session when you reach your time limit.  Before you end your registration session, be sure that youSUBMITyour new classes (You may also SUBMIT each class as you register for it).  If you exit or are timed out before you submit your courses, you will lose what you have entered and will have to restart the registration process. 

 To Register Online:  Go to www.mystate.wvstateu.edu and follow the directions on the screen. 

 If your LDAP PIN is your birthdate, please note that the number sequenceis mmddyy.

 Students should routinely monitor all of their records through MyState.  In particular, whenever a student takes an action which is entered into the data system—adds/drops classes, generates/pays a bill, changes a major, earns a grade, etc.—the student should confirm the accuracy of this action by checking the record in MyState.  

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