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It Starts at STATE

They say it's all about the journey, and every journey has a beginning. A start. 

A local performer with aspirations of the Broadway stage. A former 4-Her now teaching kids the same lessons she learned as a child. An adult learner returning to the classroom after years away from the region. These are just a few of the ongoing journeys that have begun right here at West Virginia State University. With It Starts at STATE, we are sharing the journeys of Yellow Jackets of all ages. Current students, graduates, faculty, staff, even young people and senior citizens participating in our Extension Service programs have all started parts of their journey at WVSU. These are their stories.
Cedrick Farmer, Class of 2019
Cedrick Farmer's path toward the stage started at age 5, when he first sang publicly. A Yellow Jacket "legacy" and Mr. State, he is making his voice heard all over campus. "I'm being provided great opportunities, from performing for my fellow students to legendary alums like Katherine Johnson." He recently appeared in acclaimed productions of "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid."

Edgar Lopez-Torres, Class of 2019
Edgar Lopez-Torres’ start toward a chemistry degree began simply by taking a science class at STATE - a decision that led to a change in major and a stack of accolades. Named a 2018 Competitive Scholar by the White House Initiative on HBCUs, Edgar cites WVSU’s small class sizes and caring professors as keys to his success. “The experiences I’ve had and people I’ve met and learned from would not have happened for me at a bigger school.” 

Emily Moore, 4-H Extension Associate

Emily Moore’s start toward teaching kids about agriculture began at age 9, when WVSU 4-H built a garden at her school. “It opened my eyes to a love of science. Now, I'm bringing that same education to the kids at my old school." After finishing her bachelor’s degree from STATE, she plans to pursue an American Sign Language certification to bring WVSU 4-H programs to even more young people.

Frank Walker Jr., Class of 1998
Frank Walker Jr.'s start toward a thriving career as an attorney began on WVSU's Judicial Conduct Board. "I started to realize I knew how to look at things objectively and see both sides of an argument. After that, I knew I wanted to go to law school." He's now a member of the National Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Bruce Whitten, Class of 2019
Bruce Whitten's start toward a degree in Community Health Education began when he returned to West Virginia after years away. "I hadn't intended on going back to school. At STATE, I'm finding an oasis of diversity that I'd become used to in a larger city." He's already putting his education to work as a volunteer, shaping a healthier and more inclusive West Virginia.

Angelica Willis, Class of 2019
Angelica Willis' start toward a documentary film career began in WVSU's production studio. "I want to give people voices who don't feel like they have one. I'm connecting with professors who make me better at what I want to do." She's currently writing and directing a film about Hurricane Maria's effects on her family's native Peurto Rico.

Where will your story start? 

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