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What to Include
Creating a course pack is a wide-open proposition – giving you the flexibility to tailor an anthology which contains
the material you wish to teach, unconstrained by the limits of a textbook.
You may wish to include
And the following items, which are usually copyrighted*
  • Your original material
  • Lab exercises
  • Problem sets
  • Class notes and handouts
  • Course syllabi
  • Study guides and old tests
  • Works in the public domain, such as governmental publications, and works with expired copyrights
  • Journal, magazine, or newsletter articles
  • Excerpts from traditional textbooks
  • Chapters from a novel, anthology or poetry collection
  • Out-of-print texts
  • Diagrams and maps
  • Transparencies
  • Case Studies

Your chosen combination of materials can help foster a unique learning experience for your students. If you have something you wish to include that is not on this list, give us a call, and we’ll work together to help make it happen!
*Written permission from the copyright holder must be obtained for every copyrighted work, every semester.
Please know that this process can take from 6 to 8 weeks. Plan accordingly to help us meet our joint goal of
having your course pack on the shelf by the fi rst day of class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a course pack?
A course pack is a collection of required course readings that have been duplicated, bound, and made
available for sale. It may or may not include all required readings for the course.
Who decides whether or not a course pack is created for a given course?
Each faculty member decides whether or not to create a course pack.
How does the faculty member know how to go about having a course pack prepared?
Approximately three months prior to each semester, Printing Services sends each faculty member a memo describing the procedure to follow if he would like to have a course pack prepared and made available for sale to the students in his/her class.
Who creates and sells the course packs?
Printing Services is responsible for obtaining written permission to reproduce articles that have a copyright. Printing Services also print, bind and ship completed course packs to WVSU Bookstore for sale and distribution.
Why are there so few course packs at WVSU?
  • Copyright laws. West Virginia State University has been informed that adherence to copyright law in
    connection with the production of course packs is mandatory. Many readings (e.g., entire books or
    portions of books exceeding 10%) are not eligible for inclusion in a course pack.
  • Time constraints. Because the process of requesting copyright permission is labor- intensive, a legallycreated
    course pack requires the faculty member to submit a complete list of readings at least 8 weeks
    before classes start.
  • Cost to students. Because of royalty fees and the costs of labor for securing copyright permission and
    making copies, the fi nal cost of a legally-produced course pack is typically 15 to 20 cents per page. The
    greater the number of copyright permissions needed, the greater the cost per page. Also, the smaller the
    class, the greater the total cost of the course pack, since royalty fees are divided evenly among all the
Course Packs Are Easily Customized
You decide what to include in your course pack (articles, chapters, notes...)! Customize your couse pack every semester!
The Process:
  • Obtain the original (when possible) books, journals, etc. If the originals are not available please include the
    title and copyright page with the copy of the article.
  • Complete the Printings Services Order Form. This form is required to generate a
    course pack order. We will not be responsible for verbal orders. If your order form is faxed or mailed or
    emailed please call and confirm that we have received it.
  • The attached Bibliography Form must be completely filled out for all copyrighted materials. Bibliography
    and Order Forms may be downloaded at: willajt@wvstateu.edu
  • When your order is complete bring it to Printing Services.
Points to Remember:
  • The quality of your course pack depends on you. Bring us the original books, journals, etc. containing
    your selections.
  • We will obtain all copyright permissions so please give the publishers 8 weeks to process.
  • Permissions to reprint are granted for one semester only.
  • When ordering a previously used couse pack, SAVE YOURSELF TIME! Call in advance and we will
    gladly provide you with a printout of the old bibliography.
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