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Other services offered are as follows:

On-campus Interviewing

The on-campus interview program enables you to interview qualified West Virginia State students in an efficient manner, while at the same time, promoting your organization on campus.  The Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education provides the interview facilities, advertises your job listings, and assists you in setting up a schedule of interviews according to your specifications.  On-campus interviews are scheduled from August through May by contacting the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education.


Career & Job Fairs

For a small fee, your business will have an opportunity to recruit on-campus by participating in the career and job fairs.  This will give you an opportunity to network with other businesses, meet with potential candidates, collect resumes, and distribute career information about your company.


Co-op & Internships

An internship is a partnership between you, the employer, and the student.  It is generally a short-term assignment that allows you to set the total number of hours to be worked based on your organizational needs.

The assignment should be a learning experience within the student’s major field of study.  It is possible for the student to receive academic credit for the assignment.

Cooperative Education Program

Through Cooperative Education your company is given the opportunity to participate in one of the most sophisticated and successful employee development systems available. Co-op Education experiences are similiar to internships,however, Co-op students are always paid for their services and they also earn academic credit for  their experience. For more information contact (304) 766-3143.

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