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Following is a technology survey.  It is used by the Information Technology Department at West Virginia State University to improve services and plan for the future.  IT solicits input to the survey on a regular basis and collects data for two weeks following a solicitation.  The survey remains open for input after each periodic solicitation and results summarization.  IT collects and summarizes those additional responses at the end of each semester.

EverydayOnce a weekOnce a monthOnce per semesterNever
Text messaging
Instant Messenger
Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
Word processing program such as Microsoft Word
Spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel
Presentation program such as Microsoft PowerPoint
Database program such as Microsoft Access
Web page creation software such as Dreamweaver
Image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop
Page layout software such as PageMaker
Digital video such as iMovie, iDVD, or Adobe After Effects
Audio editing software such as Garageband, or Audacity
01-5More than 10All
Online Supported - A course delivered totally online
Online Replaced - Some face time with time online
Online Supplemented - An unchanged face-to-face course
Very usefulModerately usefulSlightly usefulNot at all useful
Audio-only capture
Audio plus projected materials
Audio-only plus projected materials plus video of instructor

Some universities use “class capture” systems which record and make available online the audio and/or visual components of a face-to-face class.

Very usefulModeratelySlightly usefulNot at all useful
Information on the Web
In-class electronic presentations (e.g., PowerPoint)
WebCT course Web site
Visualization tools, simulations, or animations (e.g., to help you learn difficult concepts)
Instructor's lecture notes or PowerPoint slides online (e.g., for downloading prior to or after class)
Email (e.g., to communicate with instructors or other students)
Chat tools (e.g., to brainstorm with several other students at once)
Blogging tools (e.g., to keep a class-related journal)
Class captures (recordings of in-class activity posted online for later review)
Very comfortableComfortableUncomfortableVery uncomfortable
Using the Web
Using email
Instant messaging
Taking quizzes online
Using Google docs (or other Google apps)
Using Web-based threaded discussion tools
Using chat tools
Editing video with multimedia programs
Editing audio with multimedia programs
Creating animations with programs
Using desktop publishing programs
LargeModerateSmallNot a problem at all
Network/Internet problems (e.g., network slowness)
Instructors not using educational technologies well
Problems with my computer
Problems using WebCT
Problems using LiveText
Amount of time needed to learn educational technology being used
Amount of time needed to use educational technology
Cost of printing
Printing problems
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