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Each semester at regularly scheduled advising appointments with social work faculty
At the time of application for formal admission to the Social Work Program (usually at the beginning of the Junior year)
As part of each course that has a field instruction requirement
As part of a “Senior Evaluation” conducted with each student by the Department Chair (usually at the beginning of the Senior year).

Although rare, a student may be terminated from the Social Work Program when academic performance, field instruction ratings, and/or ethical conduct fail to meet acceptable program standards. The decision to terminate a student from the Social Work Program is made by a consensus of the social work faculty. The student is notified in writing by the Program Chair. A student who disagrees with the decision can follow the following steps:
Within 14 days of receipt of the decision, the student may notify the Program Chair in writing of the wish to appeal.
The Program Chair will arrange an interview with the student. If the issue cannot be resolved during this interview, the student may take the next step.
The student may appeal in writing to the Dean of the College of Professional Studies, who may hear the case or refer the appeal to the WVSU Academic Appeals Committee.

The Academic Appeals Committee will notify the student of the Committee’s decision regarding admission to the Social Work Program after a formal hearing with the student.
If a satisfactory resolution to the issue is not reached through this stage, the student may appeal in writing to the President.
The President’s decision is final.

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