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To: Director, Social Work Program
Department of Social Work
West Virginia State University
Institute, WV 25112-1000

By signing below, I affirm that:

I have received a copy of the social work curriculum worksheet and have been told the social work courses and cognates I must take, their sequencing, and the grades I must earn to be eligible for a BSW degree.

I have been told and understand the importance of timely advising by the social work faculty on course sequencing and selection.

I have received a sheet entitled: “Admission to Social Work Program” and understand that when I have completed 45 semester hours I must qualify for candidacy in the social work program through a formal process of application and admission.

I understand that any transfer credits must be officially reviewed and approved by the West Virginia State College Registrar and/or the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

I will notify the Department of Social Work of changes in my name, and/or address and phone number within ten days of the change(s).

I understand the importance of having my course of study comprehensively reviewed at the beginning of the semester immediately prior to the semester of my anticipated graduation.

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Form updated 3/27/00

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