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  1. Course number, title, department. West Virginia State University should be identified.
  2. Instructor's name, office location and hours, phone number, and e-mail address.
  3. Required textbooks:  Provide author, title, publisher, and date and edition.
  4. List collateral readings or other materials to be used in the class.
  5. Course description: (Catalog description or expanded version of catalog description
  6. Course objectives: The intentions and the broader purposes of this course and what these provide in relationship to the program as a whole.
  7. Student outcomes. The specific skills and knowledge that students will be able to demonstrate as a result of this course.
  • Course requirements and expectations of students:
  • Major assignments
  • How grades will be calculated
  • Attendance policy
  • Plagiarism policy
  1. Tentative course outline with assignments.
  2. Other optional information useful to students
  • Format for written work
  • Questions for inquiry
  • Suggestions for study and success in the course
  • Instructions for assignments
  • Bibliography, supplemental reading list, or description of library source
  • Glossary of important terms
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