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West Virginia State University Wireless Login Instructions

West Virginia State University (WVSU) is implementing a new wireless system on WVSU’s main campus. This new system will be secure and require a username and password to login to this system. The NEW wireless system will be activated Monday, August 19, 2013, and will
show up as “WVSU-Wireless”.
The first step will be activating your wireless account on the network. This webpage login will only need to be done ONE TIME to establish your username and password.
Once your account has been established, you will then need to login and connect each device you want to use on the new wireless network. This should take only ONE TIME for each device so long as your device remembers this information.
There are some buildings that are still on the old wireless network “wvstate” (Davis Fine Arts, Drain-Jordan Library, and Hamblin Hall). The old wireless network is open and DOES NOT require a login. Davis Fine Arts will be upgraded to the new wireless system by Friday, August 23,
2013. The remaining old wireless network will be completely phased out by the end of September.
To use the new wireless network please do the following:
1. Go to https://sso.wvstateu.edu/wireless
2. Enter your email username:
        Example: If your email is fsampson@wvstateu.edu,
        then enter fsampson for the username
3. Enter your email password
4. Click on ENROLL
5. Enter your email password AGAIN
6. Click on ENROLL
7. Close the webpage
Your information is now entered into the new wireless system.
Whenever you want to use your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. for the first time on the new wireless system you will be taken to a login page and will be required to login to the system with your username and password. As long as your device remembers this information, and most do,
you will not need to login again.
If you have questions or any issues, please contact the IT department at (304) 766-3261 or at helpdesk@wvstateu.edu.
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