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Accepting Awards

In order to access MYSTATE you must be admitted to WVSU. You will need your student ID number to login. Your student ID number begins with an "A". You must use a capital letter A, the username is case sensitive. Your initial password is your six digit date of birth, mmddyy. If you experience difficulty logging in please click here for help.

Students may have additional requirements after awards have been accepted. Students are advised to check MYSTATE and WVSU webmail regularly.
Steps to Accept Award Packages and View Outstanding Requirements

When you enter the secure area:

1.) Click "Student and Financial Aid" Tab

2.) Click "Award"

3.) Click "Award For Aid Year" and choose the aid year from the drop down box and click submit

4.) Click "Accept Award Offer" Tab

5.) Accept or Decline all funds that are in the "offered" status

6.) When you have accepted/declined ALL funds click "Submit"

7.) Submit Decision

* Failure to accept/decline all funds will cause your award to partially submit and your registration may not be held. Do not use the "Undecided" option. This will also cause a submission failure on your award.

* Some funds are automatically accepted and do not give you the option to accept or decline. Funds such as Grants and Scholarships may be automatically accepted.

* Students may choose not to accept the full amount of loans offered. If a different loan amount is desired enter specific amount into appropriate box under Accept Partial Award Heading.

If your need to request child care expenses, decline a semester of aid, add summr aid, add an aid resource not listed on your award, accept previoulsy declined awards, or request other changes to your award, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at www.fadocs.edu.

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