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Welcome to the Department of English
The purpose of instruction in the Department of English is to develop graduates who are proficient in analytical thinking, in critical reading of literary and nonfictional texts, and in a variety of writing modes. All graduates should be able to demonstrate their knowledge of features of language, interpretive approaches to literature in English from several periods, and the process of composing.
Courses offered by the department prepare students for reading and writing throughout the college curriculum, for communication in business and professions, for the advanced study and teaching of English, and for careers in professional writing, publishing, and related fields.

The Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) indicate that students completing our program will be able to
  1. Recognize and respond to a diverse range of historical and contemporary literature by American, British, and international authors.
  2. Apply current literary theory to a variety of texts.
  3. Conduct discipline-specific research, using print and online sources.
  4. Compose articulate and complex prose.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of language variety and development, both historical and personal.
Right now, the PLOs are mapped to Engl 250 Introduction to British Literature (1, 3, 4, & 5), Engl 303 Expository Writing (4 & 5), Engl 315 Shakespeare (1, 2, & 4), Engl 337 The Black Writer in America (1, 2, 3, & 4), and Engl 447 Senior Seminar (4).

The Bachelor of Arts in English has a common core of courses in language, writing, literature, and critical theory. Students may choose to pursue the more traditional Literature Option, which prepares them for graduate study and professional school, or the Professional Writing Option, which prepares students for a variety of careers as writers.
To strengthen the program and enable students to measure their own progress, student learning is assessed through portfolios of work from several stages of student development, interviews and surveys. Material collected from these sources is used to measure student progress, advise students more effectively, and determine whether the curriculum allows students to achieve the competencies listed above and to meet their own objectives.
For specific requirements for a teaching field in English, see the catalog sections for the Bachelor of Science in Education.
If you would like to see the Spring 2014 Advising Handbook and its cover pages, click on the links (both are PDFs).
What can I do with an English Major and Minor?
What courses must I take for the three degree options: Literature, Professional Writing, and Technical Writing concentrations?
For university or community members who want concentrated experience in a variety of studies but do not want a whole degree program, we offer several Certificates:
  • Certificate in Creative Writing
  • Certificate in Diversity Literature
  • Certificate in Literary Studies
  • Certificate in World Literature
  • Certificate in Technical Writing
The English Department sponsors Events and Activities, such as the English Majors Luncheon held each semester and the Kanawha Review, a student literary magazine published annually.
If you are interested in joining the Honors Program, please click on the link for information and the application form.
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