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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my User ID and password?
Your user ID is everything before the @ sign in your WVSU email address.  So, if your email id is janedoe@wvstateu.edu, your user ID is janedoe. Please keep in mind that your log in information is the same as for your email and MyState (if you are not using your A-number to sign in), so if you change your password there, it will change for WVSU Online as well.  If you are still experiencing trouble logging in to WVSU Online, please contact the COL Help Desk or call us at 304-766-3300.
I don't know what my WVSU email address is.
When you first register at WVSU, you are given an A-number and a password.  You can use this information to access your MyState page, where you register for courses, review class grades, etc.  On the MyState page there is a tab called Personal Information.  Click on this tab and you can then choose to view your email address, change your password, update your personal information, etc.
I can log in to WVSU Online, but I cannot see my course.
There are a few reasons why this might occur:
  • Courses are unpublished to students until the beginning of the semester.  This means that even though you may be enrolled in a course, you may not be able to view it in WVSU Online until the day the semester starts.  If the semester has started and you still cannot view your course, please continue reading.
  • You are no longer registered for the course.  Prior to submitting a help request to the Center, check your MyState page to ensure that you are still enrolled in the course.  If you find that you are no longer enrolled in your course, contact the Registration Office at (304) 766-4146 to determine why you were dropped from the course.  Once you are re-enrolled, you will be added back into the course within a 24 hours in most cases.
  • If neither of these possibilities apply to you, please contact the COL Help Desk or call us at (304) 766-3300.
What do the different Web designations mean?
When you look at the course schedule many courses may have a web tag associated with them (i.e., Web-10, Web-30, Web-50, Web-80, or Web-100).  The word "Web" means that the course has a web component, the number (10, 30, etc.) denotes the amount of work done via the web.  Specifically,
  • Web-10 means that the course is still completely face-to-face (F2F), but some information such as the syllabus and course schedule is provided online.
  • Web-30 means that the course is primarily F2F, but there may be a few alternative class sessions where you do web assignments online instead of meeting F2F.  You may also be asked to complete assignments and tests online.
  • Web-50 means that the course is half F2F and half online.  The breakdown of course work and assignments between the F2F and online components is determined by the instructor.
  • Web-80 means that the course is primarily online, but may have 1-4 F2F sessions. 
  • Web-100 means that the course is completely online and no F2F sessions are required.

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